girlfriend suffered a liar - and please note that HC users

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girlfriend suffered a liar - and please note that HC weekend adventure to users with his girlfriend. Friday afternoon , received a phone call, the number did not know: his girlfriend , "Hi , Ha , what? " To each other : "Oh , do not even hear my voice out" of your voice? Snack in Taiwan Mandarin, ugly na ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ right? I think girlfriend , Tang Shu in Taiwan, a long time without contact, and it occurred ? Therefore, his girlfriend : " What is the Shu Tang? A long time without contact, and you get to the SH that " one another : "Oh , listen out , I'm not going to Shanghai , SZ , go to Shanghai tomorrow to prepare for a week " Girlfriend happy " . Well, yeah , see, ah, for the crab season , eating crabs " to one another ." Well, tomorrow morning on the train , I I call you . by the way , my original phone numbers , and now this. "
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His girlfriend to tell her husband excited, Tang Shu to come. Call , set the restaurant , called by the crabs. The next morning , at 10, the phone number back into his girlfriend 's phone rang. When asked his girlfriend so excited , " Lao Shu, where the bus? You want me to pick up " telephone that the focus of Taiwan , faster , "Oh , oh no . I find something to tell you What I have on the train " professional women naturally the bride , very understanding, said : " No matter , you go first , busy, do not forget the time on the train to call me, I pick you up oh "
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