How to buy contraband not carefully to apply for to retreat goods refund to should do? related questions

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How to buy contraband not carefully to apply for to retreat goods refund to should do?1$unkist 2012-03-23 00:17:13
How to buy contraband are not careful to request the withdrawal of goods for refund must do?
The seller does not provide the goods, and later agreed to a refund, but have been delayed 50 days with no refund, the two sides have a contract.1Chillie2012-05-29 00:41:23
Cangnan a factory of the company and on February 1, 2010 signed a contract for the purchase , full payment of the goods of February 3, 2010 payment, the factory according to the February 11 deliveries, the result has been delay delivery has been delayed to February 25 or not delivered, the past that did not match the original factory, and later repeated in our insistence , the goods they had to say no to our money back to us . The results did not return was postponed until Feb. 23 so far today has been a month of 20 days. Contract amount is only 4,200 yuan. The two parties have a contract, but also sealed. It is a fax. Please help how to deal with good people. Thank you.
I was cheated 1500 yuan of payment for goods, the requirement after cheater gathering continues to make a money, requirement refund, close machine do not go up line. How should I recover payment for goods0Rroyd2012-10-19 15:43:55
I'm in Alibaba is small and wholesalers to be woken up in Fujian , the member company limited hardware sold 1,500 yuan decided locks, the other party has not paid treasure to order the card is obtained , after my card collected on the other hand, said that 2950 yuan send money however , the requirement includes 1450 yuan , I ask again to see the money remittance , the other party says no to follow to reach a point of not delivering the goods absolutely , reimbursement requirement , say they want me to wait 20 days, executioner machine is not received after hearing , also disappear online , cheat undoubtedly face is exposed , expert forgiveness , how you can recover payment for goods ? How can you stop cheating be punished ? Thank expert is solved.
Goods returned to Wuhan Mili but no refund1' No library stack Nian . remember -2012-03-18 05:46:37
I sent the merchandise back to this company through my contact Linda Lin. However, no sign of a refund. Why are these companies to become members Gold and yet staff make transactions ! No doubt this is a fraud. Linda no longer respond to your emails . Dresses are 100% polyester 100% silk, not warned not to lose their money.
Refund for no goods Yangjiang Mingyang Hardware Fa0Ellyana2012-07-12 06:27:01
Yangjiang Mingyang Hardware Factory says no product available and apply for refund. When I go through refund process on Aliexpress website it will not let me apply for refund or file dispute since Yangjiang Mingyang Hardware Factory shows order shipped, but they admit to not shipping. Now the refund and dispute process is blocked from me to try aand get refund. Any help would be appreciated.
taobao refused me refund and accept return goods0Ria2012-07-13 09:15:02
Hello! i need you help and advise! i ordered items on team (taobao) and marked exactly sizes (shoulders,breast) for not occuring problems. but when received them, realized that 3 of 20 items have wrong sizes. now they refused to refund me money and dont accept me returning products! please help me!
Seeking legal advice for faulty goods. company refuses to refund or replace?1rolando2012-10-07 09:00:04
Hi. I bought a car battery back in February of a company listed on ebay. The ad said that the battery is guaranteed for 3 years. 9 months from the date of purchase of the battery may be discharged after a couple of hours and wouldnt start the car. I called the AA when my car would start and the battery tested and found to be fauly. on a Wednesday I called the seller and asked me to bring him back to the battery to test it. I returned the battery to the seller on a Friday and was told the company owner was not there, so I could not issue a replacement at that time. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Rang them on Saturday and the owner told me that he does not have the same model in stock, but if I pay extra will give me the next model. I declined the offer and he said he will contact his supplier on Monday and Tuesday, they should have the same model they sent me. Today Tuesday i rang them again and was told that the battery is faulty and my car. I told the guy that, even when the battery was not connected to the car remains registered. When the guys in the AA battery test assured me that the car was not getting power from the battery and the battery was at fault. I left an official note said the battery is defective. has a nominal voltage but the current is less than a quarter of the nominal current. (When I returned the battery to the seller gave the note of AA.) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I asked for a replacement or a refund and told the company I bought on ebay battery went broke so you can not do anything but give me back the old battery. What I do not understand is why go through all the problems, if not the same company. It still uses the same location I picked up the battery and the staff and the phone number remains the same. the only thing that has changed is that closed their eBay account. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Can someone please advise me on what to do. I'm in the UK by the way.
Excuse me I had affirmed to after getting money, make retreating I give refund again after goods with businessman connection again0Danette2012-07-16 07:54:02
Sorry I had said that after getting money, give refunds to reverse again after the goods with new business connection
Do not give sheet to retreat tuitional somebody to had gone0Nickie2012-07-30 19:54:02
Do not give sheet to retreat tuitional somebody to had gone, how to feel?
English training schools to apply for registration of the name is going to apply for Trade and Industry Bureau trade name registered? Urgent!1- Love Lock closure scared '2012-05-22 02:20:57
I want to make an English training school , and through the Department of Education and the Ministry of Interior of the enrollment, the school name and country if someone from the school have the same name has been violated some other brand registered name of power. If my name is if you can go only apply to the mark and the Bureau of Industry register the name to protect the future interests . He is a master of the legal profession , but oh look over to help. Thank you.
Get smallish finger not carefully in the job, do not calculate inductrial injury! Why1Thera2012-06-27 14:50:03
Get the finger rather small , not care at work, do not calculate inductrial injury ! Why
Buy a house, develop the advertisement trap of business carefully0bel2012-07-28 06:23:01

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