Does not apply to local accounts, you can do for the local business establishment?

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People in Beijing , a senior this year, interactive media professionals have access to the University of Harbin as a teacher, you can prepare for the cause , which now in Beijing , 1. If you do not move their household registration , you can prepare for the cause of it ? 2 . If you had some years back to Beijing , this property is also effective ? 3 . If you move to the accounts , would like to go back and easy to use ?
Answer1HotShot Answered at 2012-03-21 22:31:15
1 . Do not move your household registration must be able to handle business creation . Because countries have no employer shall debit the laws and policies , if any , are mainly on the placement of the redundant workers in the area. Now is the flow of talent to promote two-way choice , to fully exploit the different types of human resources , reform is the framework of stagnation, limited geographical empty waste of talent. 2 After a few years in Beijing as long as you leave the original business unit , not in place, the establishment does not have its share . This is not the same titles (eg , engineers, senior engineers , accountants , certified public accountants ) can carry. 3 To move the accounts back, as long as possible in Beijing by the authorities for public Zhunqian Zheng, be able to return . The circumstances in which access to Zhunqian Zheng, you can consult the public policies of Beijing by the agencies and regulations, because it is not able to speak some words clearly.
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