toy business users operating Summary

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Friends toy boats operating business summary : first express my thoughts. I have met many retail stores and some retail customers . As the immature domestic toy industry , the trade situation is also mixed . Toys linked to the collapse of a house , another re-up each family. We will have a small chain is suspected. But I personally feel that the string itself is not bad. The problem is caused by man operation. I will not talk much to see that there is no problem , then a good discussion of it .
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Strawberry acid situation : If someone can help me to open it haha toy store Baozhun satisfied with the layout of the store is the face of a person, his face , beautiful design , people will say they are designing customers is certainly not wrong there are many toys as he , ha , ha , we compared the Shenzhen side of people as very special toys are fun , just so there must be something special to get the product that is most critical ,
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