The Combustion Of Mechanism Charcoal Made By Charcoal Briquette Machine

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Charcoal briquette machine is an important machinery for the complete mechanism charcoal briquette production line. In production, it can effectively use agricultural and forestry wastes to produce mechanism charcoal and achieve energy-saving and environmentally friendly production. Therefore, it is chosen by the majority of users in the market, and the users who invest in the charcoal production machine want to produce good mechanism charcoal. So what can determine the combustion of the mechanism charcoal? How to improve the charcoal burning time?

What Determines The Combustion Of The Mechanism Charcoal

The thermal conductivity of the raw materials used in the charcoal production machine determines the performance of the machine-made charcoal.Therefore, the selection of raw materials is also an important part in the production process of the charcoal production machine, the selection of high-quality production materials can greatly improve the production efficiency and quality of the charcoal making machine.

The raw materials used in the charcoal production machine are mostly wood. Wood is a porous substance, and the pores filled with air. Air is a poor conductor of heat, so the wood has poor thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity of the wood raw materials used in the charcoal production machine is not only affected by temperature, but also depends on the volume weight, moisture content, and fiber direction of the wood. Wood thermal conductivity increases with increasing bulk or moisture content. Thermal conductivity expressed in terms of thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity is the amount of heat that passes through a material with a cross-sectional area of 1 square meter, a length of 1 meter, and a cross-section temperature difference of 1 degree Celsius within 1 hour. The thermal conductivity of wood in the direction of the fiber is greater than the direction perpendicular to the fiber. The charcoal of the same material has greater thermal conductivity along the fiber direction than the fiber direction. For example, the thermal conductivity along the fiber direction is 0.878 kJ, and the thermal conductivity in the vertical direction is 0.376 kJ.

How To Improve The Charcoal Burning Time

In fact, the combustion time of mechanism carbon determined by two factors. Namely, raw material and the degree of carbonization. The higher the carbon content of the mechanism carbon, the greater the calorific value. Not only does the calorific value in the combustion be large, but also the surface area of the mechanism carbon in contact with air must be small to extend the combustion time. Here the surface refers to the outer surface and the internal pores of the substance.

Ways to improve the mechanism charcoal burning time:

1. Increasing the forming pressure of the charcoal making machine, increasing the density and strength of the rod.

2. Increasing the carbonization temperature of the carbonization furnace, and slowing down the heating and cooling speed, so that the finished mechanism charcoal has high density and high hardness.

The above is the analysis of the factors affecting the mechanism charcoal combustion and the method of improving the mechanism charcoal burning time by Fusmar Machinery. If users want to improve these two aspects, they need to choose suitable production materials and correct operating techniques. This will ensure that the charcoal production machine produced mechanism charcoal is easy to burn and has a long burning time.


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