How To Make Biomass Pellet Fuel

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Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional biomass pellet machine manufacturer, this article we will introduce biomass pellet fuel in detail. Biomass pellet raw materials are very wide: crop straw, peanut shell, fruit shell, grass, wood chips, branches, leaves, wood processing plant waste horn, are good materials for pelletization. Biomass pellet production, need a complete set of equipment, biomass pellet set of equipment including crusher, dryer, pellet machine. If the demand for large output, also need to equip with a conveyor, cooling machine, packaging machine.

Introduction To Biomass Pellet Fuel

Biomass pellet is a cold compact molding process of biomass straw, forestry waste and other raw materials crushed by pressure roll and ring die at room temperature. The formed pellets are convenient for storage and transportation, and greatly improve the combustion performance of biomass.

Biomass waste is generally used as fuel in two ways: pyrolysis and solidification. Both approaches have their merits. Curing is now more popular, and the technology is more mature way.

Wood Pellet Production Line

Production Principle Of Biomass Pellet Fuel

Biomass waste is solidified and shaped as fuel. The principle is to crush biomass waste to a certain extent (generally 4-8 mm) and compress it into rods or blocks through physical extrusion. The suppressed biomass is high density, resistant to burning, smokeless and pollution-free. This kind of fuel is commonly called biomass pellet fuel.

Wood Pellet Production Line

Biomass Pellet Production Process


Because the biomass pellet machine dies diameter is generally 12 mm, so too large raw materials must crush and break. Straw, logs, cottonwood, all need to crush. Things like wood flour, wood chips, don't need crush. The size of raw materials after crushing is required to be 5mm or less so that the size of raw materials cannot exceed the diameter of pellets to be made and the size of die diameter. Otherwise, it will affect the biomass pellet machine output, even out of the material.


To suppress biomass pellet fuel, the water content of feedstock should less than 20%. So this step depends on the situation, if the material moisture is too high, you need to dry. Accordingly, if the moisture content of the material is up to standard, this link can save and a lot of money can save. Too much moisture or too little moisture can affect the formation rate of the pellets so that the resulting pellets will not look good. If the feeling is not easy to control, you can buy a humidity test instrument, it’s very cheap, and also very convenient.


The biomass waste after crushing and drying are pressed into shape through the biomass pellet machine. Biomass fuels are generally made of two kinds, large and small pellets. The bulk can be 80 mm in diameter. Small pellets are only 4-8 mm. The data will vary slightly, but not by much. Fuel, now the mainstream is small pellets. Because the chunk doesn't burn enough.

Our biomass pellet machine has two kinds, one is flat die pellet machine, one is ring die pellet machine. Flat die pellet machine is suitable for pressing strong adhesive materials, such as crop straw. And ring die pellet machine, suitable for pressing poor adhesion of materials, such as wood chips and so on. No matter what kind of pellet machine, it is worth noting that the feeding speed must be uniform, too slow will affect the output, too fast easy to block or crash.

pellet machine


The pressing process, it's a physical squeezing, friction process, so it produces high-temperatures. After the fuel pellets are made, they need to be cooled down. Just made of high temperature pellets, do not use cold wind blowing, easy to burst, do not pile up, pellets themselves are fuel with their own temperature, it is easy to fire. The best method is self-cooling if the output is too large, you need to use the cooling machine, cooling machine cooling speed, and ensure that the pellets look good.

cooling machine


After cooling, the biomass pellets are packaged by a designated packing machine, so that they can sell directly to businesses or small merchants that need biomass pellets.

packing machine

If you are using it yourself, collect it directly after cooling. There is no need to pack it. If it's for sale, it must be weighed and packed. The packing machine produced by Fusmar Machinery is a multi-functional equipment for weighing and sealing the mouth, that is to say, the pellets go in from the feeding port, and out of the feeding port is the finished product that has been weighed, bagged, and sealed, which is very convenient.

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery as a professional biomass pellet production line equipment manufacturer, With years of sales and production experience, we not only provide a complete production line but also provide a single machine in each production process, to meet the needs of customers in the production of biomass pellet fuel. 


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