Effects Of Floating Fish Feed On Aquaculture

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Fusmar Machinery is a professional floating fish feed machine manufacturer, this article will introduce the effects of floating fish feed on aquaculture in detail. Fusmar Machinery not only provides a complete set of floating fish feed production line but also provides a single fish feed mill. Aquaculture feed makes whole aquatic product industry had tremendous overfly, brought tremendous change, at the same time, also brought a new problem to us, namely, changed the ecosystem of the pond. Floating fish feed machine can produce floating fish feed pellets, can control the suspension time of feed, reduce the damage to the pond ecosystem.

Changes In The Aquatic Industry

In the beginning, the cultivation was of a single variety. Later, with the development of science and technology, mixed breeding of different varieties began to appear based on the cultivation of a single variety.Such as when it was found that the fish can be layered breeding, a pond can raise some fish and complementary interference, and some can be a variety of fish, prawn and crab shell animals out to a pond at the same time, the space of the pond not only got used, economic benefits have been flying, aquatic feed also shows the importance of it.

The Impact Of Ecosystems On Farming

All ecosystems have three important roles: producer, consumer, and decomposer. Algae in the farmed water system are producers and farmed animals are consumers.

The benefits of such a stable ecological cycle is fairly stable, but for breeding, we need not all roles, but the fish and shrimp and crab, if we increase the amount of fish and shrimp and a crab produced, will appear more phytoplankton and zooplankton, reduce the predatory fish, even at the same time it was too difficult for us.At this time, the feed comes on stage, it can be quantified, you want how much, can have how much, and the advantages are particularly many, can help digestion, promote growth, improve digestion rate, enhance the health of breeding animals, can be a medicine bait and so on many advantages, we also benefit from the feed.

The results are obvious, feed to the whole aquatic industry with a qualitative flight, Fusmar Machinery manufacture of floatingfish feed extruder by the vast number of aquaculture farmers welcome.Without feed, there might not be the thriving aquatic industry we have today.

Changes In The Ecosystem Caused By Aquaculture Feed

All things have two sides, some good, some bad, the feed can make the breeding industry has an amazing change, but also bring us a new problem, that is, feed changed the pond ecosystem.

Feed directly replaces algae and zooplankton as direct energy suppliers for fish, shrimp, and crabs, so when algae and zooplankton wander out of the ecosystem, algae and zooplankton become uncontrollable factors in the pond.

Bacteria also play an important role in the whole ecosystem. In the original ecosystem, they and their by-products can use by phytoplankton and zooplankton, but when the feed comes out, they begin to increase in value and become uncontrollable.

And other effects, such as the influences on the targets of the pond water, pollution of the underlying self-purification function of water body, etc., the influence of feed although brought momentum to industry and change, but also has a considerable influence on the industry, we can not blindly to increase in the volume of feed to be fed to increase the output of the aquatic animal, should adopt a more scientific and effective way to alleviate this problem.The emergence of floating fish feed can reduce these effects, reducing the damage to the pond ecosystem.

Methods And Suggestions For Aquatic Feed Delivery

1. Fish, shrimp and crabs have a clustering state, in the environment is relatively bad, dissolved oxygen is low, high light in the water can less feed, the pond uniform feeding is not suitable for all ponds, especially crab pond, more hard to feed in the water good grass good shading place, and in no water grass light strong place less feeding.

2. To place several tables in the pond, at any time to observe the feeding time of shrimp and crab, estimate how much bait can feed, not only to understand the feeding situation of shrimp and crab but also to effectively know the disease of shrimp and crab.

3. The absorption and digestion rate of shrimp and crab is not high, and most of the nutrients are wasted. Therefore, it is recommended to use floating fish feed mixed with lactic acid bacteria and other biological bacteria for a long time to improve the digestion rate and reduce waste.

The appearance of floating fish feed pellet is a manifestation of the development of science and technology. It has changed our breeding mode and status quo brought us higher economic benefits and reduced the impact on the environment.So we choose aquatic feed must be scientific and reasonable, reduce the damage to the pond ecosystem. 


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