What Is Biomass Pellet Fuel

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Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional biomass pellet mill manufacturer, this article we will introduce biomass pellet fuel in detail.

Biomass pellet fuel is a heating fuel made from biomass compression. The common type is wood pellets. As a form of wood fuel, wood pellets are typically made from compacted sawdust or other waste produced from sawn wood and other wood products. Other woody biomass sources include palm kernel shells, coconut shells, and treetops and branches that are removed from the whole tree or left after logging, otherwise, it helps to replenish soil nutrients. Also, grasses can be granulated to form grass pellets.

What Is Biomass Pellet Fuel

Biomass pellet fuel is generally processed by forestry“three remnants”(harvesting residues, residues of materials and processing residues), straw, rice husks, peanut shells, corn cobs, oil tea shells, cottonseed hulls and other raw materials, which is a renewable clean fuel with a calorific value close to that of coal.

Biomass pellet fuel has a large calorific value and high purity and contains no other impurities that do not generate heat compared with coal. Moreover, the biomass pellet fuel does not contain sulfur and phosphorus, does not corrode the boiler, can prolong the service life of the boiler, does not produce sulfur dioxide and phosphorus pentoxide during combustion and thus does not cause acid rain, does not pollute the atmosphere, and does not pollute the environment. Biomass pellet fuel is clean and hygienic, convenient to feed, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and greatly improve the labor environment. Enterprises will reduce the cost of labor. After burning, there is very little ash and it can use as an organic potash fertilizer for recycling. Biomass pellet fuel is a renewable energy source that will contribute to the creation of a conservation-minded society.

Comparison Of Biomass Pellet Fuel With Conventional Fuel

As a new type of particulate fuel, biomass pellets have won wide recognition for their unique advantages. Compared with traditional fuels, it not only has economic advantages but also environmental benefits, which fully meets the requirements of development.

Compressing the material into solid particles helps to fully burn, allowing the rate of combustion to match the rate of decomposition. At the same time, the use of professional auxiliary equipment to burn is also conducive to the biomass value of fuel to improve the calorific value. First, compared with other energy sources, biomass pellet fuels are both economical and environmentally friendly. Secondly, due to the shape of the pellets, the volume is compressed, the storage space is saved, the transportation is convenient, and the transportation cost is also reduced.

Taking straw as an example, after the straw is compressed into biomass pellet fuel, the combustion efficiency is increased from less than 20% to more than 80%; the burning heat of the straw pellet is 3500 kcal/kg, and the average sulfur content is only 0.38%, the calorific value of 2 tons of straw is equivalent to 1 ton of coal, while the average sulphur content of coal is about 1%, in addition, the slag ash after full combustion can also be used as fertilizer to return to the field. Therefore, the use of particulate fuel as heating fuel has strong economic and social value.

Compared with coal, the particulate fuel has high volatile content, low ignition point, increased density, high energy density, and a large increase in combustion duration, which can be directly applied to coal-fired boilers.

In addition, the biomass pellets have extremely low levels of harmful gas components when burned, and emit less harmful gases, which is environmentally friendly. And the burnt ash can also be used directly as potash, saving money.

Biomass Pellet Machine Process

Biomass pellet fuel is a new type of clean fuel that burns directly in biomass boilers. It is a fuel with a certain density and calorific value required, using biomass wood pellet machine to process biomass. The use of agricultural and forestry waste (such as straw, wood chips, bagasse, etc.) as raw materials, through the process of crushing, drying, mixing, extrusion and other processes, the biomass pellet fuel formation.

The Profound Significance Of Biomass Pellet Fuel

The use of biomass energy can adjust the energy structure. After the biomass is compressed and formed, its volume is greatly reduced, which makes it easier to transport, store and use. It solves the key problem of large-scale utilization of biomass. Therefore, technology and equipment are very suitable for living. Material power generation, clean energy transformation of industrial boilers, and new cooking fuels in rural areas.

It has the following profound meanings:

1. Replace coal to reduce primary energy consumption.

2. Achieve carbon cycle and reduce greenhouse gas carbon dioxide emissions.

3. Increase the added value of agriculture and increase the income of farmers.

4. The technology and equipment are in line with national industrial policies and have good economic and social benefits.

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery as a professional biomass pellet mill manufacturer, we not only provide a complete wood pellet plant line but also provide a single machine in each process, with years of experience in production and sales, we provided machines are welcomed by customers. 


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