Why do I see an extra $1 charge?

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Asked at 2017-12-28 02:56:26

Hi there, 

I have recently signed up on hulu and getting message to charge extra $1. Do i have to pay $1 for signing up?

Answer1smarttvhelplineAnswered at 2017-12-28 21:49:03

Hello Blake

If you've recently signed up for a free trial with Hulu or updated your billing information, you may temporarily see what appears to be a charge on your statement. This pending transaction may direct you to hulu.com/auth 

Not to worry, this is just an authorization hold to confirm the billing information that's been submitted for your Hulu subscription. This hold is instantly reversed and is never collected by Hulu. Some banks take a little longer than others to fully reverse this, but it may remain as a pending transaction for up to 5 days before being removed. 

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