Where can i find NRI business investors to start new business venture ? related questions

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Where can i find NRI business investors to start new business venture ?0Gana2012-11-02 07:16:16
I am seeking NRI / PIO investors to start a new business in India. I am a resident and need funds and start up capital to start a new International trading venture. Simply saying this business project is a high yield, long term project. The capital requirement may be 10 digit of Indian rupees.
Business, how to find the right venture capitalists?1Hoga2012-02-28 17:39:12
He introduced me to his current situation: I have been to participate in the business of labor and social security , and obtained the certificate of the course, but do nothing with success. Be the Government to encourage entrepreneurship, I speak of this certificate can be micro -credit, but many people want to start can be an important point of the project as a scale to open a bookstore. Oh , small loans may not be enough . How I can find the right venture capitalists ? I have a very impulsive, but I have no previous knowledge and understanding of , let you give me advice , thanks!
What do you mean by forex trading? Can i start this business? In India how is response for this business?what?1molly anne2012-08-23 22:06:03
investment is required for this business? Is there a website or blog that explains this Indian business in layman (simple ) language ?
Does this website sound like a good business venture?0tiarra2012-10-15 02:53:10
Well , the idea is like ebay , but a little different . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It would be website where you can come to exchange books with people everywhere . See who join would be able to get all kinds of books for the relatively small amounts of money . MedlinePlus There would be a section where you can exchange books with the company of the website directly . The way it would work is that the books of account or dollars (through paypal or something) to the credits on the website . Once you have enough credits you can buy the book you want . MedlinePlus On the other side you can communicate directly with other members and trade directly to thier books . Only pay a small fee for processing MedlinePlus In giving my own e- currency that can make loans at the rate of dollars to benefit my business while keeping customer costs to get a new book too low . MedlinePlus The best part of this is all the books that would be used . I also thought the same idea could work for comics too. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What do you think ?
How Do You Find the Best Location to Start a New Business?1armadillo2012-03-06 21:13:58
After you plan your business and meet potential customers , the next step is to find a place. Learn how to find the place to start a business you want. Starting a business is not easy , but if you are organized and have a plan can surely achieve its goals successfully start and operate your new business. For any business that wishes to carry out , always plan to create a boot or a business plan that will guide you through the preparation for the needs of the company. This will also help in the process of implementation. Alongside this is a global market research will give full measure to the effectiveness of your idea. If it's done with the business plan and if you have already conducted market research and evaluated then the next step is to find the correct location of where to start a business . Finding the right place is not really a difficult task compared to other critical requirements in business planning , but you have to be prepared and alert. If you are starting a small business, you can always start at home , garage or patio. Home business is really something that will not require necessary location . But other than that , you may need the help of a realtor , if you go looking for the perfect location for yourbusiness.http :/ / answernote.com / index.php ? Topic = 2057.0
How do I find desktop computer (6 pieces) for start of business?1EL DIABLO 2012-03-21 20:55:05
I would start an internet cafe as a business and need some equipment for that. So how I can get to buy for the home
No money. where to start? internet business? currency trading? what business to invest with a little money?2ishmam2012-11-04 12:40:02
No money. where to start? Internet business ? currency trading ? what companies to invest some money ?
Im getting start a small internation trading company, how can I find a local business support recourse here?0Donna2012-06-30 19:50:23
Im living in Dallas,TX. Im looking for a resouse or goverment program to help us to meet business person, business consultants, lawyers. Also Im looking for the international fair in DFW.
I want to start small scale trading business of fitting equipment please help how to start?0tinkwink2012-07-27 22:21:59
I want to be installing equipment operator I do not know how to get into this business in India
I want to start a small business in trading but i want to advise about kind of cars i should start with ?0neejoo2012-07-03 12:06:01
i want to start trading from south korea to egypt but i need to konw what kind of cars i should start with hope to have help from you
You must start from the business0Lisa2012-07-06 22:42:02
You should start from the company
I want to start a business?0Blossom2012-10-15 14:11:10
I live in Dubai and working as an accountant . I want to start a business related to trade . I gathered option are clothes shop , stationary output , groceries or anything else . Im confused. Plz help.

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