Can anyone let me have there pottermore or extra account? related questions

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Can anyone let me have there pottermore or extra account?0Trista2012-09-25 10:56:01
Look, I really do not want anyone to say that it is against the rules I know it is , but I will change a YouTube account with 18 subscribers and I really I have no friends because they will not let me go out 'm home schooled and my family will not let me go anywhere with them as a simple trip to Walmart or Ralphs I literally have no life I have 12 years and love harry potter fan imma much bigger if you have one that you can give me give me your password and username @ Karla.davis13 I was not able to get one because it had a atacck asthmatic and I stayed in the hospital for a month please help me to get a Pottermore account
Pottermore account trade?0Alena2012-09-24 13:53:02
I have an account Ravenclaw and wants someone to operate an account of Hufflepuff . And do not tell me it's against the rules , because I honestly do not care.
Pottermore account trade?0Who does not pull calf 2012-08-18 07:29:29
I have "always" been a Slytherin at heart, but I have 2 accounts Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff account . * If someone wants to negotiate, contact me at
Anyone want a Hufflepuff account on Pottermore?1yesenia2012-09-11 15:36:05
If you're in Gryfindor ( or any other house ) and would like to change it to an account of Hufflepuff , then we could negotiate. : D
Does anyone wanna trade there pottermore account for a.........?0Jacksonb2012-08-14 14:59:02
YouTube with more than 250 friends and 215 subscribers and a Slytherin tie , no matter what the house is please do not give me a bull shit that goes against the rules, please do not hear do not worry just wait until the end of October please give me an account that was in the hospital because he had an asthma attack and yes, please do not delete THX thx ! !
Trading a Slytherin account on Pottermore for Hufflepuff?1shafika2012-08-23 18:06:02
I really want a Hufflepuff account :/ if anyone is willing to trade with me, I'd be glad. Thanks!
Trading a Slytherin Pottermore account for Ravenclaw?0marilia2012-08-15 09:03:03
I got into pottermore a while , but I fall into Slytherin, and I turned my life around being a Ravenclaw. If anyone has had the same experience and Ravenclaw Slytherin instead of your choice, answer here , put your email address below and we can exchange details :) thank youu (:
Would anyone trade a pottermore gryffindor account for a hufflepuff one?3Meia2012-10-16 21:35:02
I have a pet owl LeviosaDust72 Ive been waiting to be gryffindor forever, hufflepuff doesnt suit me /: Please?
Tarde pottermore account for gift card of your choice?0angelika2012-09-15 06:29:05
I'll trade any gift card of your choice . We'll email you the gift card code if you email me your account name and password Pottermore . My email is
Neopets: anyone have an extra side account?0gander_wild goose2012-08-05 13:25:48
Ok this is very important . I need more space to keep neopets for me to trade more and I was looking for someone who had a side account that no longer use it about two years or so . if you have one please email me and let me know ! thanks !
On pottermore the sorting hat put me In...?0Erub2012-10-12 02:08:19
Gryffindor . I am very angry because I am a Hufflepuff . Is there any way to change my house ? If not, any user accounts in Hufflepuff Pottermore Pottermore wanna trade ? If you do, I would be so happy . Thank you ! (:

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