How and where can i purchase online stocks/shares for short term and not day trading.? related questions

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How and where can i purchase online stocks/shares for short term and not day trading.?2NEED HELP URGENT!!!2012-09-22 19:50:02
How and where I can buy stocks online / actions for the short term and not day trade . ?
I want to invest in shares.will not do intra day trading.short term and long term buy sell only.which is the b2Reisha2012-09-04 23:48:03
est internet portal to invest throuh ?
What website is best for trading short term stocks?2duski2012-08-14 16:37:36
I am looking to invest a small amount of money in stocks, and wondered what the online trading company would be most appropriate for me to play the stock market. Thank you !
What is the system you use to select stocks for short term trading?1 ℡ ﹎, Er 2012-10-20 01:53:02
how did you develop your system? there are so many websites and books it is overwhelming.
Is it possible to make money in stocks in the short term without day trading?1heng pang2012-09-12 07:09:03
Can you make like 5k a month trading stocks with like ameritrade or something? (without day trading) Just regular trading.
What is the capital gains tax in Florida short-term for trading stocks?0ggift2012-07-10 11:12:02
Please tell me the tables... I understand it depends on your income. I plan on daytrading and exiting all positions same day. Also, are there other states or countries where it is taxed less since I will be trading online I can live anywhere. Thanks!
Which is more profitable on the long and short term, trading Stocks, Options, Future or Foreign Currency?0shahizah2012-08-01 19:31:02
Can anyone advice me on the best online broker to choose? I have a short term trading strategy.?2Johnnu2012-10-10 04:37:02
and some day trades available. I need one with trailing stop / loss capabilities. Also, I'm trying to figure out if you need stock trading software ? I have specific parameters (Tech BC) mostly , so what is a good software? not any of the online brokers offer a good "real time " software, and interchange fees is small? Any advice , especially for active traders , thanks . Thank you.
Is the best way to play AIM/penny stocks to short their shares through the CFD trading market?0Caitlin2012-10-21 13:55:19
I am a stock market investor / CFD trader , and I 've noticed that all, or most , AIM listed penny stocks I've looked at in terms of its history based on charts recently have shown signs of what might have been possible shorting opportunities - especially when graphic outbreaks have occurred due to things like bad news , earnings warnings , ie a drug failed, finding oil , etc , which is followed by strong sales volume as confirmed at level 2 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What I want to know is if this is the best way , or strategy , trade AIM / penny stocks , ie shorting their shares through contracts for difference ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is this the way you , as a trader experienced penny stock penny stocks change as most end up in bankruptcy peanuts and the value of your opinion ?
Does Warren Buffett trade in shares and derivatives short term?1uop2012-09-25 04:22:03
Warren Buffett Is short term trading as the purchase of shares or derivatives for a few days and sell within a few days or months .
What are the top list company shares to be purchased for long term and for online trading?0Mr Lau2012-10-11 16:07:48
What are the actions of the list of best companies to buy long-term and trade online ?
How can I do online trading, purchase shares etc?0mahwish2012-07-18 19:29:03
Assume that I have an online bank account, with enough money credited to my account.

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