How to maintain shares and stocks database in a computer? related questions

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How to maintain shares and stocks database in a computer?0S.Abraham2012-08-26 10:56:03
I would do all the actions that exist in the documents on the computer . I do not know which is the best way to keep this database . I would like to get quotes for each day you want to connect to the Internet .. Please suggest if any MS Office tool will solve my problem.Or I use other software for online trading .. No ..
Computer is running slower and slower, was poisoned it? However, no virus ah my machine. I mentioned that day .. virus database update1Charlotte2012-05-10 03:17:20
I would like to start trading stocks online but i don't anything about stocks or shares. some advices?7kev2022-01-20 13:58:21
Please help if any of you knows anything.
Please can somebody help me on Stocks and Shares?1Taina2012-08-28 21:54:03
OK I'm thinking of buying a share ( on a demo account ) in im thinking of buying is EUR / USD ( 0.0001) CFD if you buy one and the amount of cost sharing 1.44and i have 2,194.91 negotiating resources which would cost or how to care for my account of this payment?
How I can start online trading of shares with my computer having internet connection?0tommas2012-10-12 16:06:45
How I can start trading stocks online with my computer that has an Internet connection ?
I'm confused about stocks and shares!?0Sandhya2012-09-23 04:41:02
In equity , when it is said as " Last Trade: 378.51 " or 3.81 382.06 (1.01 % ) means the cost of each action ? Therefore, as would be $ 378.51 per share?
What's the best way to buy shares of Singapore stocks?0fgsdfgdg2012-09-21 05:22:06
I am interested in buying shares of a company listed on the SGX . It may also appear on the LSE (not clear ) . I can buy shares in the ADR in the OTC market , but is thinly traded and not sponsored . It is a blue chip company , not a penny . Is it safe to buy the unsponsored ADR or is there a way to buy the most liquid shares ? Ordinary shares ( ending in " " in the OTC ) also appear to trade at low volumes. I 'm going to buy long-term (30 + years) , so I want to be sure before making a move . FYI, I am not interested in buying the ETF Singapore !
How I can start online trading of shares with my computer having internet connection.Is there is any web site?1grisel2012-09-08 19:21:03
I am a small invester.I to register as a member of a person to trade online. Is there a website that will meet my requirements
What's the best software to buy for trading stocks & shares?1Lebza2012-07-11 12:42:02
Hey. I am learning to trade stocks and shares and would appreciate any advice on what software to use when trading ? Also , can anyone tell me the difference between Spread Betting and future ? Any other suggestions or advice for a beginner trader is greatly appreciated!
About online shares/stocks trading ?1fraction 예 half2022-01-20 12:51:31
out of curiosity, a question from a beginner, when we buy some shares at low price (does people sell at that time and why) and when we sell at high price (does people buy at that price and why), when we think of profit like buying at low and selling at high so everyone think the same thing so how do anyone earn by shares trading ?? please guide, thanks...
Stocks and shares, does one make a living out of it?0cleo2012-10-02 20:58:43
individual negotiation can on your own, make a living trading stocks
Advice on stocks and shares, investment?0sekou2012-08-24 21:46:20
Hello , I've always been fascinated by stocks and shares, but unfortunately I know nothing about them . I have a few thousand pounds to invest in shares / units now , but do not know how. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I want to do it online , are there credible websites , where I could buy and sell (trade ) shares under the least possible , and what are the best stocks to buy right now ? What company . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you.

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