Why does usa criticize china in managing their own economy?

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Ever heard of the major media U.S. politicians accuse China of "currency manipulation" of the Chinese Yuan? Just yesterday during the Republican debate, Mitt Romney, the current leader of the presidential campaign, he said, if elected president, "I will label China a currency manipulator is ..........? And we ( Americans) should slap tariffs on Chinese imports into the U.S. "MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Where to begin? Point number one - China and USA belong to the WTO (World Trade Organization).? If Americans have a problem with the Chinese Commerce, then why not lead by example, and deal with it in the WTO? Could it be, that Amercans, really have a situation that is? But "talk" against the Chinese makes good "politics"? Chinese hatred makes a good policy? Those eyes torn short dirty corrupt people? I think it's more of an American is an American.? What's that? A fake, a person who bluffs a lot, no moral fiber!? These values ​​come from the Second World War, when the public relations work became, in fact is what you say it is? U.S. is an empire of illusions.? He left the commercial production that tell people what they should feel.? And here, we see it in the presidential campaigns.? Plenty of bull personality popularity contest, and what makes a good president is like you can speak English and make counterpoints are sound good? Are these features so it is important to run this country? So sad, no wonder U.S. such low esteem in the economy and culture.? Bottom of the barrel people! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Here is the point: The Chinese can manage their money as they see fit.? If you Americans do not like the "low" the currency against the dollar strong, then how about returning all low price items you bought at Walmart? Now, you, consumers have to learn that if you want low price items, then the Chinese currency will have to be low compared to the dollar.? If you do not like the Chinese currency low, so why not stop buying Chinese products? You know, the East Bay Bridge being built from San Francisco to the East Bay is built by the Chinese in Shanghai.? You Americans decided to take advantage of the production facilities in China and the lower cost of labor.? Nobody put a gun to his head to give jobs to the Chinese.? So do not blame them! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Another point about this "manipulation" in the long term.? I can say Quantitative Easing # 1 and # 2 by Bernakee is the same thing is "currency manipulation", but nevertheless, you hear the news biased bubbles white Americans use this term? Yes, folks Americans manipulate currency, but give it a fancy name like quantitative easing.? Another name, the same.? Indeed, each country can do what you think is best in the way countries manage their own affairs, so maybe the U.S. should mind their own business when they are no longer a role model.? I wonder if you ever arrogance is gone, I doubt it. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus No Americans hear about all the pollution in China, all the poverty, and so on.? Well, not too far away, there will be more Chinese millionaires and billionaires than the U.S..? Yes, it is their poverty in China, the Chinese government does not deny that.? But what about you Americans? You call yourself a power in the first place, however, you still have poverty too.? And there are people with guns everywhere with gun deaths all the time, and there are also drug addicts running rampant in every community.? With a prison population of CA higher than college students.? What kind of country is first power? A lame friends. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Or pay more for what they buy or shut up and stop blaming the Chinese for their miserable problems that his government can not solve for you.? We love our Chinese government and kick your *** so far. hahahahaha.? Americans arrogant, sour grapes, his age is over.? You WW WW One and Two dividend easy life is over.? Only thanks to the baby boom generation to live a life based on debt and instant gratification, your time is up, pay now or die! hahahahaha.
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ROTFL . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus . com/2009/12
Answer2dheerajAnswered at 2012-09-13 08:08:03
Citizens of the U.S. population migrated constituted mainly white , native blacks , browns , yellows and own ( real people USA ) . White came and occupied hard to take full advantage of a new (still occupies all important post - political and economic ) . Black came as a servant , but now , after a great effort got it right . Others emigrated and welcomed and work skills . At all points in the U.S. always thinks white is the country of origin , but not for others . But when you talk to them always proud to mention about your original root (UK, Europe , etc. ) Under the color and richness of military force took others who think that they are the supreme authority - and politically dominated other countries. Indeed , God did not give real resources ( Think of all developed countries ) and are always jealous of seeing both the development , underdeveloped and emerging countries . MedlinePlus So what else can they do? - Post sanction or ask others to do macro - adjustment , criticizing others ,
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