Is Baidu done so calculate do not calculate deceit?

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I can to promote quick Baidu a year, these two months because monadlist much, consultation is not a new client, but also disregarded in normal condition up to the same status as a trafficking just before yourself thinking more important keyword moves through a frequency can go. Until the day before yesterday, I just hit two words "banner" of wanting to treat my condition Baidu ranking, but the name to look on page 10 the company also did not find it, move the price to 20 price yuan later, but in "the banner of" Baidu search in two words do not yet have the name that shows the company. Then I made a few phone calls to customer service is well received not easy to say: This is not clear as well, but the indication that is not on the right. I say: In the right that shows what little sense of the place have said to show a year by 2000, right back enough, you had to spend 10 days now tipped 2000, excuse my flower in which the money is. Customer service says: You are set forward, it comes to tune. I checked yesterday had not moved for me, but money is still illuminated the buckle not coincidentally, I call once again call customer service, customer service, says: You can not do well, then what still has you need to optimize better. I tell them how I want to be optimized, but I never had that says what to do promotion as long as before, is not new? Why leave me much time I reported, and the money has not spared one minute I'm stuck, what money is spent excuse me? Customer service says: The problem · · · · · · which is a system today, I look or not happen to me, money is all the time, but the buckle, the mobile station total total control of the stage say: You drive this refus ah, what it has to find the customer service. I am well versed on the date of total phase Baidu made a phone call the girl of 133, again in the afternoon, the answer to noon catchs it. Urgent: If it can be solved for me, you hit the stage full of a phone complain of working, unexpectedly did not promote me, is my money going to the beautiful where? Total Station says he called to wait until we had tried to meet someone. I: You should have been handled to me quickly, I hope your phone. 6:30 the phone but this still does not. This is the alleged promotion of Baidu, scurvy is too! Beg tall person to support a movement! Withered!

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