Does anyone have an extra exp share for pokemon diamond? related questions

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Does anyone have an extra exp share for pokemon diamond?0sherrell2012-08-06 09:53:48
Accidentally trade mine out in Pokémon Diamond and I can not recover : ( I would really appreciate if someone could give me one of his extras My friend code is 2536 5586 8821
Exp.Share. Pokemon diamond?0Jesicca2012-10-07 14:06:06
I have tried to get exp share in pokemon diamond for 2 months. Can someone please , please give me one . I can give some pokemon for trade .. =)
Exp share trade on pokemon diamond?0marshell2012-10-20 05:12:46
Anybody willing to negotiate a fee of exp in pokemon diamond? i dnt rly have much to give back , but maybe ur as bored of the game ? Because I need a plzzzz RLY RLY
I lost my exp. share on Pokemon Diamond!?0made\'2012-10-13 04:09:12
Someone has an exp . I can share trading?
Will someone share their friend code with me for pokemon diamond?0Adair2012-09-30 08:46:01
My name is Alex , and my code is 0860 2108 7878. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I would love to battle and trade.
Can anyone (by thor's hammer) trade me an exp. share in pokemon diamond?0Rashaad2012-10-13 07:27:18
would be greatly appreciated . My friend code = 4555 3681 5663
Want to share Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Pal Pad codes?0animal2012-08-30 04:44:02
Name : Dawn MedlinePlus FC : 2622 0157 4512 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please make sure to spell your name exactly as it says his game , as if everything is sensitive . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm online most of the time , so let the battle or trade ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Peace .
I was wondering if anyone wanted to share files on Pokemon Diamond or trade a charmander, squirtle, or mew?0francine2012-08-07 03:23:02
My name is Justin and I have access. My friend code is 4682-6033-1193 . So if you want to trade or mix records leave me a reply with the FC.
Does Anyone have an extra Zorua From Pokemon Black?1ikd2015-04-13 11:51:51
I missed out on the special pokemon to do the event so I would really appriciate it if someone would trade with me. I don't want to use cheats, bc I'm having a hard time doing it that way so the only other way is to do a trade if someone is kind enough to trade with me please.
Does anyone have extra codes they aren't going to use for the pokemon trading card game online?0chanel2012-07-05 07:04:02
When you buy a pokemon black and white trading card deck you should receive a code that you can enter and play the same deck online. If you have a code and no you aren't going to use it, would you please be generous enough to email it to me?
Is it possible to find diamond/pearl pokemon in pokemon soul silver without trading?2apoorva2012-10-05 13:32:02
like i said, can you find diamond/pearl pokemon in pokemon soul silver in the wild. If so where would i find them and how many of those characters are there?
How do I get a Manphy in pokemon diamond with out having Action Replay, Trading, or Pokemon Ranger?0Cindy Lee2012-08-02 03:02:53
I want to get a Manphy, but I don't have Ranger or Action Replay or the ability to do so.

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