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[ONTARIO, CANADA] BUSINESS EXPERTS and/or LAWYERS: Is there a way to start a company that offers...?1otter2012-08-08 04:40:44
... shares to private investors so they can earn a percentage or dividends (paid time) of the profits of the company? So investors that "I " decides can buy shares in my company and make some money when the company makes a profit . Therefore, it would be similar to a share listed on a local stock exchange and / or private ( if one should exist) . When potential investors are chosen so that no one can manipulate the stock price or value of the company as "put" and / or options "call " or the sale of " derivatives" or something.
[BUSINESS EXPERTS/LAWYERS] Is there a way to have people privately invest in a company where they can...?0Demi2012-08-14 19:50:35
... earn an income dividend of the company instead of them get the interest paid (in addition to principal) on your investment without having the company listed in the local market ? For example , instead of taking a loan from an investor, who would each own a part of the company ( a share of not more that 49 % of the company ) in order to make money year after year the benefits of the company?
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How do I find water purification cooler from Ontario, Canada?1 직위나 역할을 나타내는 명사 2012-05-11 22:14:32
How I can find cooler water purification Ontario , Canada?
16 Must-Follow Facebook Pages for Ontario Farms Canada Marketers 02021-02-04 21:15:46
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Who is the best Forex company in canada TO start trading?1is2012-10-04 14:18:02
Who is the best forex company in Canada to start trading ?
How do I start a fair trade Business/ company?0Overdue2012-09-06 15:19:13
Economic importance and I am an aspiring entrepreneur . I have my own small business , but now I would like to help local artist in my contry with their products . How to approach them, saying that I would like to start a fair trade business with them ? I will sell your product to an international market , get less than 50 % of income MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Should I start with a single artist or should I buy things for my car and then sell them to see how it goes ? What if you do not sell anything , because I will list them on eBay .
Where can I get support, as sone who has never run my own company, to start my business?1Please help!!!2012-08-21 15:30:02
In the top of a work for hire full time , I'm thinking of acting as an independent agent sourcing for UK companies who want to import and export enterprises in China . All large organizations such as the British Chamber of Commerce , China -Britain Business Council, UK Trade & Investment, etc are only concerned with supporting existing companies . Where I can get support , as sone who has never run my own company , to start my business ?
Im getting start a small internation trading company, how can I find a local business support recourse here?0Donna2012-06-30 19:50:23
Im living in Dallas,TX. Im looking for a resouse or goverment program to help us to meet business person, business consultants, lawyers. Also Im looking for the international fair in DFW.

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