Can I go back to work the day after surgery?

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Allison B.
Asked at 2012-08-02 07:10:52
Around 11 am today, I will be getting my 2 wisdom teeth pulled out and 2 additional regular teeth that are sticking out. I have to do this this year because I want to use up whatever is allowed on my insurance for this year. Because on the new year, I get a new set of premiums (I have Delta Dental PPO) that I can use towards preping my mouth for orthodontics (braces) work.

I am willing to sacrifice my drinking habits and hard core partying this new year's eve for this surgery because I'm really serious about getting my braces. I've had a crooked teeth far too long and it's preventing me from giving my full smile. So it's a beneficial trade-off for me.

Anyway, provided that I rest all day today after the surgery, can I go back to work tomorrow?

I'm an IT guy so I just sit in front of a computer, answer e-mails and mess with programs. I have a important assignment I have to finished. Would it be safe to go back to work tomorrow?

Please be honest.

Also, if you can share some of the things to expect after surgery (such as type of food to eat, medication to take, etc...), I would appreciate it also.

Thanks in advance to all who answers.

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