Why was I denied and American Express Blue Cash card? related questions

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Why was I denied and American Express Blue Cash card?0Catalina2012-08-02 00:34:02
Thank you for your recent application for the Blue Cash SM from American Express. After reviewing your application, unfortunately we can not open an account for you at this time for the following reason (s): The acquisition of American Express scale of risk is too high (see below) Your request was processed using our proprietary American Express acquisition risk scoring system that assigns a numerical value to the different information to consider when assessing an application. Total application score exceeded our limit for approval at this time. The following are the reasons that do not score well compared to other applicants. (For reasons based on information in a credit report, the name of the reporting agency is identified.) Number of operations (Experian) The amount of credit available on accounts (Experian) List of balances on card accounts of their income is too high, or can not be determined (Experian) Our credit decision was based in whole or in part on information obtained in a report from the credit bureau (s) mentioned in this letter. Please understand that the credit reporting agency (s) played no role in our decision and can not supply you with specific reasons for denying credit. You have the right under the Act Fair Credit Reporting to obtain a free copy of your report from the reporting agency if you request it no later than 60 days after receiving this notice. If you find that the information contained in the report you receive is inaccurate or incomplete, you have the right to dispute the matter with the reporting agency. An important notice about your rights included. The creditor is American Express Centurion Bank. It has been our experience that applicants do not meet our basic requirements may qualify only once below. You are welcome to reapply at a later date when circumstances have changed. Thank you for your interest in our service. Sincerely, Robert Garinger Business Leader New Accounts Now anyone who can tell me why you refused? Clearly it is said, but I want to know more about it. And I'll send a copy of it to Experian so you can get a report from them. I know my credit is good. There are no bad notes of any kind. I'm blaming the credit crunch! = D lol oh well. I'll live.
accept payment by American Express card ?1yak2012-06-18 06:04:34
We accept payment by American Express credit card ?
American Express1anteater2012-05-26 00:31:53
EPA EPA EPA American Express EPA Guangzhou Branch , Guangzhou Branch is a company approved by the Office of Trade and Industry in Guangzhou , provides aviation , courier service , transportation , storage , sorting , packaging, and integrated logistics company . And China Southern, Air China , Shanghai Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Air France , DHL , UPS , EMS and other major airline , express delivery companies , and the United States in 2006 courier companies to establish Guangzhou EPA EPA Branch, to provide the material flow, information flow , capital of third-party logistics platform , line two to three days to reach the U.S. and Europe. The operation of the business sub- nets, lines , points of business strategy to meet the market : the network to Guangzhou for the terminal , the radiation at home and abroad , line, line U.S. and Europe , door door , about to set point the market area , the development of their peers, direct customers , the establishment of services mix time, the business development of the Pearl River Delta to expand the business scope . The time of three to four working days , delivery to remote areas of the United States needs to increase business 1-2 days in remote areas, including : Hawaii ( Hawaii ), Guam (Guam ) , Saipan ), United States Puerto Rico ( Puerto Rico ) Alaska (Alaska ) Guangzhou Branch EPA EPA wants : business is booming and good health ! American Express Line of the franchise, and provide 21 categories of textile quotas ! Sincerely welcome to inquire ! EPA EPA Guangzhou Branch Contact: Ms. Lau Miss Yang Phone: 13725123718 Fax -8,654,713,213,416,467,141 020 : 020 - 86547133Email : [email protected] : 307400536
American Express (Textiles Import and Export Line)1Angela2012-07-27 21:07:01
American Express ( Import and Export Clothing Line)
Why don't the American working class citizens quit the cash cow for the government?0Nels2012-09-10 17:00:08
and finish the job . We are paying for them to control us and ruin our country . Why do not we stop working and start working together with the barter system . It's time to stop paying world leaders to abuse us . They intentionally draw racing against each other to keep us together and learn to work and live together . Thus, to achieve power . Why not stop paying them to live and work together ? We Americans can not retire and have our golden years anyway.
Is the real reason behind the "war on drug" the vast amounts of cash which finds its way into the American?0Horatia2012-07-21 17:11:07
Banking system and Wall Street? Best estimates are that about 7% of the proceeds of the Columbian Cocaine trade stay in Columbia and the rest find its way to U.S Banks. Wachovia, which has since been taken over by Wells Fargo, laundered around $324,000,000,000.00 from Mexican Cartels, paid a fine to the government and not one person went to jail. This might explain why billions are spent on U.S. contractors and the CIA in these countries but nobody except the little guys get caught. The Iran Contra Scandal which almost brought down the Reagan Presidency financed its guns for hostages program with cocaine money brought from South America by CIA contractors.,
Guangzhou Wen Jie international express delivery company - DHL Express Services1Doris2012-02-07 22:40:15
Wen Jie Guangzhou international express delivery company - DHL Express
Express, help! ! Driver's license, driving license, ID card lost how to solve all! ! !1~*LiL DeVeL*~ 2012-02-03 21:30:31
Express , help! ! Driver's license , driving license , ID card lost how to solve them all! ! !
How do i get a paypal account? do i need a credit card? or is there somewhere i can pay cash for it.?0mandar2012-09-17 02:22:04
I would like to trade on eBay , any additional information will be appreciated
Can i trade in a 30 dollar gamestop gift card for cash.?2Sheela2012-11-04 23:41:02
All games are terrible now , and I need money fast . If not how much I can sell online in the
May I ask, who the blue blue phone registration code forum? Give me a,: 4404421 very grateful1Hyma2012-04-25 19:44:44
Really need , which to me says the whole trip !
How to get a job when denied? 02020-09-23 01:15:49
I've been to the interview a few times. And every time I'm told "we'll call you back" and no one calls me! I called HR, but I was refused. They took someone else.  How to get a job when denied?  

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