Can anybody tell me which is the top forex broker ? with low spread ? related questions

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Can anybody tell me which is the top forex broker ? with low spread ?4Sondra2017-12-25 19:10:55
Please also tell me about this Aonda is no reliable agent negotiated with them? You can add the pros and cons of any agent or recommend
Zero spread forex trading?1Rosalyn2012-08-12 07:01:01
Forex trading platform with best point spread?0Lallie2012-09-23 18:18:01
What is the best forex trading platform to spread best?
Is there forex trading company has no spread and no commission?2Mariena2012-08-29 06:20:02
Or the smallest amount of the share of trade ?
Forex brokers with low spread and low trade size ????0Lyndsay2012-10-19 05:13:59
where to find , Forex brokers with low margin and low volume operation? ? ? ?
To invest in forex trading with minimum deposit of 20-30$,spread should be high or low?1TO: Reiny2012-09-26 16:59:04
report recommended value spread ur ... MedlinePlus and the exact meaning of the extension also .. MedlinePlus thanks ..
Can being assigned while doing a call vertical option spread make you more money than just a regular spread.?1HALP YO2012-11-04 05:43:05
In general I have heard on the boards of a fear of being assigned to play options. When I analyzed my vertical spread I concluded that it might be a good thing, but I was not sure if my math is what I am asking for a check on it. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Let's say you were assigned to 2 days before because the offer ask spread was a little out of place and it was better for the owner to exercise the option to sell back Inseat. I have a call vertical spread where I went over the 45 and the 48 sold short. Short call was assigned to me and now I'm short file -100 to 48 bases and still I have my call 45. (For simplicity ignore sick debit paid to do the trade). Suppose that the underlying stock is 50. I guess if I end trade now I lost $ 200 in the short 48/50 -100 and won $ 500 in calling for profit of $ 45 300. That is the maximum that could have made the trade if it had sold the vertical. If the underlying stock goes up or down over the next two days I think I keep my profit of $ 300 because the long and short -100 only move together. However, if the underlying stock falls I'm also garunteed at least $ 300 but I think even I could get more. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus when I drop below the strike price of 45 -100 calls short and not compensated for losing money on buying long call. Di underlying drops to 40, due to an oil rig exploded or something. When I sell my calling long I would get nothing, as it is below 45, but my short -100 is now worth $ 800 because my base in the short -100 is 48. So basically a call vertical spread with a maximum benefit of $ 300 may be worth a lot more because of the assignment. I realize you have to pay the interests and concerns of margins, but is correct basic mathematics presented here, it is assigned may be a good thing?
What is debit spread and credit spread? in option trading, pls tell me in layman term?0dukegirl2012-10-22 20:44:57
What is the spread of debit and credit spread ? in transactions involving options , pls tell me in layman's term ?
What is the honest online forex broker, i mean the forex website that you can trust ?05652012-07-31 01:57:56
I tried various online forex brokers , and was disappointed .. and there to make you waste your money and not play a game of give to give .. I would start to operate in line again , this time in search of which has been tested and proven not to cheat. I will highly appreciate your advice Thanks Anna
Where to find a forex broker with min trade size of 1000 in forex ??? 23:44:02
1. where to find a forex broker with min size of 1000 in forex trading ? ? ? 1 lot = 1000 ( not 10,000) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2. You can deposit money from Singapore ( not VISA or Paypal ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thank you
Could Forex Dealer or Broker manipulate Forex prices?1Jake P.2012-08-09 06:23:02
If my dealer trade with me ... I may win and lose like that? ?
What is the difference between a forex broker & a forex trading platform?2sayra2012-08-17 15:10:03
Are there any websites that do both ? Is it necessary to use a broker when the online trading platform does it for you ? Thank you.

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