I want to start a small business at my home town may be a trading but of what product i am confused please sug? related questions

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I want to start a small business at my home town may be a trading but of what product i am confused please sug?0joshua williams2012-07-28 07:02:00
The town can do something in rural small business ah?1Pallavi2012-07-25 07:38:02
Sufficient purchasing power of farmers is now much better than before, and I find on the facade of the city field , make a small business. Do not know what to do ? The small company. Observed in the specific situation of the rural market area , offering advice friends.
I want to start a small business in trading but i want to advise about kind of cars i should start with ?0neejoo2012-07-03 12:06:01
i want to start trading from south korea to egypt but i need to konw what kind of cars i should start with hope to have help from you
I want to start small scale trading business of fitting equipment please help how to start?0tinkwink2012-07-27 22:21:59
I want to be installing equipment operator I do not know how to get into this business in India
What is the BEST trading business we can start with small and develop to Big ?1Evil Philanthropist 2012-07-10 09:31:47
Can any one give some gud idea, thanx in advance
I am from India can I start a small trading business in US, and if yes what are the formalities.?0marylou2012-07-14 12:14:02
I am from India and I want to start a business of U.S. trade, you can invest an amount of ( U.S. $ 50,000.00 ( Rs.25 lacks ) and I am a graduate of bass, and I'm in the business of trying to power tools Bosch power Tools , Hyderabad , India. I have an ambition of migration to the U.S. can someone help me in this regard.
I'm looking to start a home CFD trading based business? (Please help)?0tiffani2012-09-17 07:49:04
I have 17 years and will soon turn 18 , the age required to invest. I have
Im getting start a small internation trading company, how can I find a local business support recourse here?0Donna2012-06-30 19:50:23
Im living in Dallas,TX. Im looking for a resouse or goverment program to help us to meet business person, business consultants, lawyers. Also Im looking for the international fair in DFW.
I want to start a small online ebay business?0Haiile2012-07-11 16:55:02
HI all Im looking to start my own ebay business but i dont want to start buying massive wholesale joblots of stuff to start with. Im looking to start of small and try to order maybe a few things of each different product just to see which one slls more and continue in that direction. I have already found a niche that i want to be in, its kind of based on what my job is, I know people personally in this field and also have a bit off experience installing them , so i feel that i do know enough about the products and how they work to try and make this happen , it also gives me an added advantage as i can have two different selling fields. Does anyone know some sites online where i can sign up and find prices. I can get trade prices from wholesalers in my local area , but i want to pay what they pay, not what thier mark up is. My niche is electrical parts , components , cable , I can also sub contract the work with various people i know and supply the materials on a cost price basis , to maybe earn some money of the installation itself. cheers
How much would it cost to start up a small computer business uk?5vollleybal gal 2012-10-04 23:41:02
Hello, you need to know how much it would cost to be registered as a business, so you can buy at wholesale prices . This does not include other things like stocks, marketing etc. , only the actual cost of registering as a business in the UK! I just do not know where to look ! cheers
I am wanting to start a home bakery business in SC. SC does not acknowledge DBA's or tradenames. what should?0Dayana2012-10-13 23:06:05
I'm looking to start a home bakery business in South Carolina . I thought the best place to start would be to get a trade name or a DBA but after doing some research is that SC does not recognize any of them . I assume ( I know what it does) I would have to sign some kind of name somewhere , but do not know where . Also, do not really know where to start I know I'll need a health inspection , but do not know what kind of specifications to be observed . I probably need a sellers permit but do not know where to get one . I have a lot of great ideas and know some, but not what you need to do . I do not know where to start and I do not know what all I have to do I have read thousands of articles like , but none of them are step by step or list all I have to do my state specific . I have really wanted to get this out of the ground and start working , but I'm hitting many roadblocks . Any and all help would be greatly appreciated ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus PS I have plans to move to a facility in the future I want to have a decent customer base built up before taking that kind of overload !
Can anyone tell me if there are websites just for trading a home for a home or a home for a business? Thank yo0hello??????2012-06-29 18:40:02

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