Horn handicrafts role in health care

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Horn Handicrafts role in the font Health Qi = Fangzheng simplified body size color = # 808000 STRONG = 5 / STRONG font color = # 800080 drawn from the natural horn comb buffalo horn, simple and fresh respect, elegant by nature, the handle has beautiful carved comb the hair can also be used to scrape, convenient, oh. Natural horn is a traditional Chinese medicine, hair natural horn, static-free, can stimulate acupuncture points to stimulate the cortical blood flow head, can smooth the meridians, the refreshing clear brain, blood gas adjustment to improve memory, insomnia, dizziness, hair loss effects are evident to achieve the kind of practical care and health of the perfect unity. The skin due to its unique characteristics of health care, day care for people, pictures, white collar workers and other mental worker and advocate greater use of health services in the elderly. BR BR Usage: Brush your hair with a horn, can not continue detergent, painless solution itching, mild and not related to fat and accelerate blood circulation to the scalp, improve immunity, blood Yan Qing Liang, itching, pain and prevent static electricity, not the loss of hair, debris removal and hair care, medicinal properties, soothe the nerves of the brain, and promote hair growth, and other health services only. As the saying goes "through thousands of hair, the first non-white." Horn comb every morning and evening, from front to back, then forward touched the scalp after shaving the hair a few times. To force the average for many years with the horn of yak hair brushing may be low by-pass network, and promote blood circulation head, prevent malnutrition Erzhi hair long hair white, yellow hair and hair loss. / FONT / FONT BR BR img src = "http://blog.hc360.com/photo/upload/p/2008/0610/0001/b_96666.jpg" BR BR img src = "http://blog. Hc360. com/photo/upload/p/2008/0610/0003/b_96668.jpg "BR BR img src =" http://blog.hc360.com/photo/upload/p/2008/0610/0004/b_96669. jpg " BR
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