A new round of textile export tax rebate adjustments may no transition period

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A new round of textile export tax rebate adjustments may no transition period
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A new round of adjustments textile export tax rebate can not adjust the transition period for the new round of tax cuts textile export may be a period of transition, but the views of relevant state departments officials are still large differences. This is from the Canton Fair held in forum textile exports of the situation and was informed of the tender. All textile companies, said orders to shipments of textiles from the general 3-month cycle, if not set tax rebate adjustment transition period for the industry will be a big blow. Government officials still have differences on 15 April this year, the share of steel export tax refund even more, or even abolished tax rebates on exports. What was surprising was that the steel export rebate tax cut no transition period is the first to open the precedent. Textile companies are concerned, textile tax cut rate cut will no transition period. It is understood that from raw material to finished textile industry chain and the clothing industry, it takes at least 70 days, is now rumored tax rebate rate cut would "not give the transition period," can at both losses. Deputy General Manager of Guangdong Textiles Import & Export Co., Ltd. Ling had said that if a transition period, companies can complete the orders on hand, and then make decisions based on profit, not commands. Otherwise, this is for nothing. He said: "Province Textile Import & Export Corporation thousand dollars a month for 8300 shipments, 3 months to reach 2 billion, imagine how much damage." In this sense, the vice president of China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce Zhe Jiang said the textile export tax rebate for the transition period, the current government has two views. Because at the end of the tax rebate rate of 2%, 4%, Zhe Jiang said, there is no exact information. Textile enterprises should establish the proposed transition period, "Everyone is involved in fear under the back cut export taxes, who knows the tax rate will be reduced by the day, so every day in the tip. Can be sent in the day. "Shanghai Silk, an official said. Once lowered tax rebates on exports of textile news has been circulating since late last year. "If you really want to reduce the rate of export tax rebate to be announced soon, otherwise unpredictable road ahead, the biggest risk facing the company." Forum, many textile enterprises in unison, said, policy makers, the best in a long period remained relatively stable, otherwise the company is hard to bear. This session of the Spring Fair, the export tax rebate cut again, the suspicions about textile companies, along with the appreciation of the renminbi, the prices of raw materials and other factors, most exports textile companies offer increased 3% to 10% range.
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