Investment site with minimum balance/monthly subscription fee/no trading fees? related questions

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Investment site with minimum balance/monthly subscription fee/no trading fees?2dorcas2012-09-06 18:46:02
I want to find an investment site that requires a minimum balance and a monthly fee but no fees per trade. I use sharebuilder, but when you start out with small amounts of money $9.95 per trade eats up a lot of your profits.
Tell real forex trading sites with minimum investment like usd 100 to start investment?1Tay Davis2012-10-25 00:13:04
Tell actual sites forex trading with a minimum investment of U.S. $ 100 to start investing ?
What is the minimum investment for forex trading in india?1nikhil2012-07-24 03:03:03
What is the minimum investment for currency trading in India?
What is the best stock trading site to us to buy stocks and what fees are you charged?0briget2012-09-28 23:15:02
I'm thinking of investing 1000 and want to know wha the best place to use and what are the disadvantages ?
I'm thinking of investing in trade * e . And I was wondering if anyone knows what the minimum balance required to open a simple " cash account " at E * TRADE . Com. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you. MedlinePlus
Minimum balance on brokerage account?0Daniela Davila2012-08-03 23:48:50
When a business enterprise requires a balance of 1,000 in the account , does that mean 1000 more than they are investing , or means that requires 1,000 and that is what is used for trade? Thank you !
Best stock trading site to use with a starting balance of 20k?0Anse2012-07-07 08:21:02
I will probably only make a few trades per year. l might not make any trades for a long time after I buy my initial stocks. I like the buy and hold stategy. Also I would like to earn interest on my account while it is not invested.
Who are the best online brokers & what is minimum start balance?0com 2052012-09-09 21:54:07
What is the Bank of America Online Investing tools ? Has anyone tried it? I would go with scott trade , but I have to put both Bank of America . Has anyone tried it? I need something with live streams of data in real time so you can see the ups and downs throughout the day without having to upgrade .
What are the minimum account balance for setting up a trading account on etrade?1Idleness.2012-07-13 01:49:02
I want to setup a trading account on etrade but it seems kind of hard to find a basic trading account for someone that wants to invest and trade a small amount. I saw one min of 2k and then one of 10k and one of 50k but can't tell what accounts those fall under.
What trading site would be best to use for a one time purchase of 150 shares of stock to minimize fees/cost?0R_t2012-09-29 00:10:01
Looking to buy / maintain short horizon , used to execute many trades . I'll keep for at least 6 months. Looking easiest and most profitable way to do it . Also any information about hidden fees or account management for these sites would be great too . Thank you !
Which online broker has no or least minimum balance requirement with most trades/transactions per day/week ?0HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2012-10-05 09:49:59
Hello MedlinePlus Can someone please name runners with at least the requirements or more allowed nonequilibrium most operations / transactions per day or a week or a month ? As has Scottrade min. Requirement of $ 500 and ( if I remember correctly ) 3 or 4 trades or transactions ( ? ) What week. Are there better options ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance
Who knows a good stock trading site for teens with no minimum amount online?2bird_of_paradise2012-07-05 18:59:02
You may not know what I mean by " at least not online ," I'm not used to this strange language , but I'm looking for a good start for the purchase and sale of shares ......

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