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Users are reminded to help Afghanistan?0MathMate2012-07-14 02:28:02
Schools that wish to join the party today, will write the application, I write not very good, not to mention about three thousand words, please help friends who Ah, so I can seriously studied. I will silently wish you Oh.
Why do Americans believe Iraq and Afghanistan want US troops to stay?2yasha2012-08-13 14:08:03
1 . U.S. invades 2 . Iraq and Afghanistan attempt to resist the invasion 3 . U.S. successful and occupies both nations 4 . U.S. installed puppet governments 5 . Leaders is a U.S. puppet and an oil executive of a major Afghan American oil company 6 . Both owe their government leaders to the U.S. invasion and immediately be overthrown without U.S. military presence 7 . The U.S. have this situation to legitimize his endless "war" and the control oil production and foreign trade 8 . Both leaders ask U.S. to stay 9 . U.S. "Forces " Of Iraqis and Afghans who are now being fired at the invading Americans after 9 years of occupation and after almost all hope of an autonomous government in the future is lost , the U.S. want to stay ? Is that the conclusion? Why Americans think they are wanted in Iraq or Afghanistan? Is it because the education system does not teach more analytical thinking ? The media is ? The Iraqi people are lying? People actually like puppet governments by foreigners?
How do I find palletizer line machine from Afghanistan?1grass_snake2012-01-02 17:45:15
how to find and buy a palletizer in Afghanistan
Are coalition forces going around the problems in Afghanistan the wrong way?1Ashley's Dad2012-09-22 12:19:02
Afghanistan is undoubtedly one of the most corrupt countries in the world , but also one of the hardest hit by poverty . Would not it be better to address the problems at the top ? The insurgency is now almost defeated in most places and the future removal of the Taliban has said just sweep inward .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus According to numerous reports U.S. geological mineral wealth is a more than $ 1.3 billion in Afghanistan ... With this, if the coalition forces now work less on combat and more on creating a stable economy for the Afghan people , through sponsored Afghan mining of these minerals to boost employment , trade and infrastructure. .. While it helps to stabilize the government and keep it free of corruption and manage these changes ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Would this not better suit the needs of the Afghan people ? This means less dependence on drug crops would equal less independent funding for the Taliban , it would be beneficial for trade in many ways , to allow increased trade both domestically and internationally , and so on. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Then we can create a platform for new energy projects and other infrastructure needs that would bring international investment. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus - MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Otherwise we're just trying to Afghanistan as we do with the impoverished African nations " help " ? Give words to billions in aid, but not delivering the means for the country to generate income and stand on its own feet ?
Is USA profiting from drug trade in Afghanistan at the cost of loosing respect Internationally?0, Prince 2012-10-20 13:27:54
Much of this revenue of billions of dollars of narcotics are deposited in the Western banking system . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus But an important point is that this
In the Movie Charlie Wilson's War - Did the Russians want Afghanistan for the Drug Trade finance reasons?0dru2012-11-02 23:22:12
Senator Feinstein Urges President Bush to Crack Down on Illegal Drug Trade in Afghanistan November 19, 2004 pdf version Washington, DC
In the Movie Charlie Wilson's War - Did the Russians want Afghanistan for the Drug Trade finance reasons?0Probability2012-10-11 10:43:10
Senator Feinstein urges President Bush to Crack MedlinePlus on the illicit drug trade in Afghanistan MedlinePlus November 19, 2004 MedlinePlus pdf version MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Washington , DC
Motorcycle fuel door after cleaning appears to dampen, and at low speed when no problem, this is why Afghanistan?1toad2012-04-27 01:31:18
Motorcycle fuel door after cleaning seems to deny , and at low speed when there is no problem, that is why Afghanistan ?
U.S. Internet users surfing habits1ain't nuttin but a G thang 2012-05-04 00:53:46
U.S. Internet users browsing habits of Internet users used to know ourselves and the United States, began to know himself , to understand the movement of potential customers who inspires you? Forum in a foreign country like China , not hot, so hot is Shane? August 3, Neil Sen ( Nielsen) , online poll shows that Americans spend on social networks like Facebook and Twitter more and more time spent beyond e- mail, read news and traditional portals of time. Nielsen survey conducted in June this year , the current 23% of U.S. Internet users spend time on social networking sites , compared with an increase of 7 percentage points over the same period last year . This is a Nielsen study has been the only element of the fastest growing , that e -mail, browse online video game portal and the growth rate is faster. Users time spent online games accounted for 10 %, ranked second , second place to replace the original email . E -mail users now spend only 8.3 % of the time . Survey says online gambling has grown rapidly , especially through online games like fun , thanks to the farm. View the portal site currently represents only 4.4 % of the time . Watch the video online for only 3.9 % of the time . Although Internet users on data from Google search site , the number of the first yet, but time passed, they still lost to Facebook. More Log
toy business users operating Summary1peacock2012-03-05 18:17:46
Friends toy boats operating business summary : first express my thoughts. I have met many retail stores and some retail customers . As the immature domestic toy industry , the trade situation is also mixed . Toys linked to the collapse of a house , another re-up each family. We will have a small chain is suspected. But I personally feel that the string itself is not bad. The problem is caused by man operation. I will not talk much to see that there is no problem , then a good discussion of it .
girlfriend suffered a liar - and please note that HC users1Jocelyn2012-03-28 17:41:01
girlfriend suffered a liar - and please note that HC weekend adventure to users with his girlfriend. Friday afternoon , received a phone call, the number did not know: his girlfriend , "Hi , Ha , what? " To each other : "Oh , do not even hear my voice out" of your voice? Snack in Taiwan Mandarin, ugly na ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ right? I think girlfriend , Tang Shu in Taiwan, a long time without contact, and it occurred ? Therefore, his girlfriend : " What is the Shu Tang? A long time without contact, and you get to the SH that " one another : "Oh , listen out , I'm not going to Shanghai , SZ , go to Shanghai tomorrow to prepare for a week " Girlfriend happy " . Well, yeah , see, ah, for the crab season , eating crabs " to one another ." Well, tomorrow morning on the train , I I call you . by the way , my original phone numbers , and now this. "
Users of online trading platforms (Canada)?0 cI heart ▎ ╰ つ -2012-09-20 08:44:07
I've seen about four of them and I wonder what people who use them believe . What is the best / most profitable short- term trade less than 1,000 shares , with an account balance smaller ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please respond only if you use an online trading platform ( or platform desktop ) .

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