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SAGE F11 of the market price?0Franny2012-07-11 20:48:02
SAGE F11 market price ?
If i purchase a stock after-hours, will i get the next day opening market price or the current closing price?0Judie2012-10-12 04:45:58
Let's say I try to buy stock in x xxxx at 7:30 PM . Clearly , this is after hours trading . However, when the order passed by the next day , I buy it at the closing price or the current day's opening price the next day ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also , if I , for example, transactions or stop loss limit of a sales transaction , they charge me even if the operation is not completed ? Will I have to pay to the order and the actual sale or purchase ?
Is it wise to compare strike price and market price before trading options?1Ella2012-09-17 15:24:04
Is it wise to compare exercise price and the market price before trading options ?
Should i buy the call/put options of which the strike price is same as market price or higher/lower?0:P smile2012-08-16 19:00:02
Assuming I have no plans to exercise the option and I just want to profit from options trading . Eg Apple is $ 100, and I hope to " get up " . I also knew that the call option purchased from Apple Inc , which the exercise price is $ 80? Or is it wiser to buy the call option strike price is $ 120? And the strategy of the put option ? Thank you.
Why is the market price higher than the closing price of a stock?1not_good_at_math2012-09-29 06:45:02
An ETF that I am seeing now closed on Friday at $ 76.60 per share . If I buy that stock at the market price , it becomes 78.50. Why the much higher market value for a particular population that the closing price ? If after hours trading has influenced the price , how I can keep track of fluxuations ? All followers of values ​​only time I deal with the U.S. market is open . thanks
Dynamic analysis of the national automobile market price of new cars market ups and downs in line1shajevan2012-11-02 12:21:02
Recalling 2006, China's auto industry in the own-brand sedans and economy cars driven by the strong, the overall situation is better than the previous year; Looking ahead market, the new car line up market prices continued to fall, still the largest automobile market will become the bright spot. Optimistic market growth in 2006 China's automobile production and sales were more than seven million, an increase of 25%. Consider this year a conservative 15-20% increase this year, total sales of the automotive market will be more than 8 million or so, which could overtake Germany, after the United States as the world's second-largest auto market. Layout from the market point of view, very large cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, etc.) will enter the vehicle replacement year, that is, car replacement will likely exceed the number of new car sales, while other cities will greatly increase the number of new car sales . From the model point of view, passenger cars will remain the main driver of growth, total sales will exceed 500 million. This is because the country's consumer environment is getting better, due to growing demand for passenger car market. Although the price reduction is the trend of dealers still have a say not make a profit, but it turned down this year, there is still room for car prices, but it is certain that as in previous years there will not be a huge adjustment. March and April this year, July and August and may occur before the end of a certain level of "price boom", but it depends on the model may be. The decline is estimated to be higher than the first half of the second half of the year's price cut is equivalent to 2006. It should be noted, for manufacturers to "squander" the margins are not too many. But the price cuts will not stop, because our prices are still far from international standards. The new cars will be listed second half of 2006, car plates can be said to deserve the hot stock market, Yutong Bus, Dongfeng Motor and other domestic auto manufacturers, with its excellent market performance has won the favor of investors, stock prices high. This year, independent brand car companies to consolidate and expand their "territory" and continue to dominate the market launch of new car policy is a foregone conclusion. March Roewe 750 hatchback BYD F3, Chery V2, Brilliance Grandeur 1.8Tl Lifan 520 other new vehicles will be listed, the automobile market in 2007 will be pleasantly surprised. 20061922302396827.jpg (0 Bytes) downloads :02007-3-31 17:42 Favorites -> Add Share Rating -> Doherty _ TOPaimgcount [320314] = [27546]; attachimgshow (320314); / / ArrayTmUsr [ 1] = "sdshanda"; / / Array3Days [1] = "2"; users [1] = "sdshanda"; sdshanda legendary Send PM Add to friends sdshanda (Legend) is offline UID415673 2562 Digest Posts 0 Credits 7802 Posts Experience 5236 Prestige 0 Reading Access Copper 2 110 Sex Male from China. TAIWAN Online 0 hours up time last login 2007-4-10 2006-7-23 2562 Digest Posts 0 Credits outstanding experience in 5236 copper 2 7802 0 Reading Access 110 prestige # 2 Posted at 2007-4-4 13:08 | look at what the top of the join
Since the company receives no money when the stock trades in the secondary market, care about the market price?0Huck2012-08-31 19:33:03
Since the company does not receive any money when the stock trades in the secondary market , do not care about the market price ? Why or why not ?
What is the difference between market price and production price?1sephanie2012-07-22 10:50:02
In the Price Watch, what is the difference between market price and production price? Which one better reflects the price one can get in the Chinese open market?
Sage Trading, Manila, Philippines.?1Renaldo Nguyen2012-09-07 12:11:23
The above company is offering to buy my shares in a biodiesel company in Brazil , but says I have to pay about $ 5,000 U.S. in Bank Security Corps in Cebu City , Philippines before the release of all funds . Perhaps this is another scam , or is the normal procedure ?
Can you reccommend a sage line 50 online training course?0urgh!!! :(2012-09-15 05:31:06
The company I work for just bought Sage Line 50 on the advice of our accountant . We have a couple of festivals every year, which means mainly trade is renting space and / or stores us. So , not much to go for a few months . I have been using Excel for basic expense accounts on income, and in any case more detailed necessary, make a new spreadsheet and collecting the information there. Well , I opened the line 50 and am in a state of shock ! While I * know * is the way to go , and you can see it will be a great help to me , I do not know where to start . Not even seem to be able to create a customer record without speaking in tongues to me. I am very willing to learn , but can not really take time away from a course . I feel I have to be able to ask questions and make sure I'm doing the right thing , though. I thought maybe an online course could be the answer , but I do not know what is good . MedlinePlus Thanks in advance for your help .
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Steps to Transition of Sage from One Local data to online?0Erick18052020-09-17 03:45:48
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