My height 179CM, weight 85KG, how to select and match clothing? Thank you,

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The darker skin
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Hou Dongyu: Today is the last weekend of the May Day holiday, many of the units do not break, the scene of many friends, never mind, we arrived at the scene of clothes with you, men will learn methods and techniques, the scene of the women can return to his friends and his mistress began to lead his team. Since the history of men, 17? Complex men's luxury 18th century gradually from the historical stage costumes in the last 200 years of development, formed his men in the form of almost constant. And women on the contrary, in numerous and varied, shows even more men for their content. The industrial revolution, the increasingly clear division of social labor, tools, more and more. China has not formed with the dress, we say that men are connected form of development in Europe, and gradually formed a regulatory liaison men. People living in the cultural embrace all things, if you are willing to define its meaning, which has a different connotation on it, which are standardized for urbanization and development are more specific and detailed rules limit stringent. Style has kept men straight men, free and easy inherent image, which is the social status of men to show their creative aspects. We talk about three aspects, we must first understand these aspects of urbanization, we are men of learning to learn. The second is that they are more interested in the personal style of the laws of man and their classification. The third element of popular clothing. We will learn how different occasions, as men can be stylish, elegant and modern. We understand that men of learning sign language is the performance of men and men with a taste, then the shape of men base contact is basically a European style clothing, clothing him in a long time Europe to form a strict requirement of high train your way to count down. Men dress in accordance with international practice can be divided into the first dress, formal dress and dress normal. The first dress is a special gift and social dress, which has very clear requirements. The first is that we see in a tuxedo, which actually refers to the men at 18:00 after the clothing worn on formal occasions, and now are relatively small on this occasion, I would like this opportunity with the development of the time with more and more, as we see large-scale opera and luxurious banquet, you have to dress, and international standards of dress, the dress is of obvious features. We can see this picture, wearing a tuxedo in your starting point we will see in a white tie, and his advice to tell you, after six o'clock this evening should wear a tuxedo. Tuxedo in 1987 when the French Revolution, the formation of high society with a common dress, the dress is what we see now in the form of standardized dress. Her dress of the screen you see inside the package that called for a black bow tie. There are some rules in the form of requirements tuxedo, vest and shirt with a mixture of party shoes. For example, we go through our normal, then the matching dress, domestic habits of wearing white socks, but you should pay attention to the combination of smoking and matching socks, black patent leather shoes. Equaled the course of the day morning dress, morning dress is worn during the day and outdoor clothing, she said the dress is very similar, but in the circumstances, we can see its shape, followed by a long slots, because it is the outdoors, so, in the form of three pieces, this form of dress. This morning, dressed and wore evening dress occasions in the exchange can not be used. In the form of a cutaway tuxedo and after immobilization of the clothes, we do not see it slightly simplicity dovetail dress, is more compact of our tails, remove the back of the dovetail form in comparison with our strong suit state. He and a tuxedo only difference is the black bow tie. If you see a black bow tie to say that you should dress in the evening is as follows. Support for him is what we call ordinary morning dress is the way to dovetail its baseline and compare our dress, which fits the basic state forms and more consistent now. We are told that you are attending the gala occasions required to carry, there must be strict rules to combine clothes. Strict rules do not know or do not have, you are guaranteed not to wear, as the wrong clothes, covered by black suit, black three-piece suits and see the basic shape is almost near. Black suit is not about color, but the line of color is dark, and its color is also the night to avoid the luxury decor. Today all the world to present this simple, I hope that in future we can attend important occasions, pay attention to where the requirements of clothing. The demand we see now is what they say the suits, is in his manners and social language, the process is really suited to the use and combination of its shape, the costumes worn by our teams Today, meals and equipment The basic form of public service. Its basic form and the basic structure that we have to find out. Suit should say more, because many men wear suits, in our country, we often see many gay men who use three-piece suits crowded bus, if not produce a formal occasion, if the dress is casual occasions, avoid costumes to go. Some people say we do not just attend a number of formal occasions, candidates, or in the company of white collar to wear a suit? Is it really the case. We must pay attention to what he wore a dress of the time, place and occasion. Wear a suit when we listen to a word not to buy the best, just buy the most expensive. Requirements suit your reason, we are required
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