How do you define going the extra mile for your customer? related questions

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How do you define going the extra mile for your customer?1'Early spring cover 2012-05-10 01:28:35
How do you define going the extra mile for your client ?
Was getting that extra mile per gallon worth $24,000: per Cash for Clunker?0john brown2012-09-26 15:57:02
Therefore, the most traded funds for Clunker old F150 with a new one, getting one to five miles per gallon more than the " pileup " . Does it show how successful Cash for Clunkers was to save our environment ? Was this money well spent ? ( Previous reports say that this cost American taxpayers $ 24,000 per operation performed ) . Anyone looking forward to government programs in the future to help save our environment ? MedlinePlus
How do I get a banking (trading, stock brockering, that kind of thing) job in Londons square mile?0bnmvbmn 2012-10-16 06:57:51
... And what it's like to work there . I here a lot of stories , I know a few people who work there and although they are just the brains of Britain , are not particularly "cool " and " with it " either. I'm interested in knowing what types of jobs they offer and what they like to work there while waiting for a million pounds bonus .
Why would i trade 1 tyrant 3000 miles away for 3000 tyrants less than one mile away?0Briana2012-07-19 03:05:03
what does this quote mean, why was it said
Define each word.?0jagadheeswar2012-07-25 21:39:02
scarcity law of supply and demand capital exports imports trade surplus trade deficit natural resources tariff interdependence
To day Hindu News Paper on trade between Tamil&Roman ports-1BCE/4CE.Is it another mile stone in Tamil History?0READ ME!! NEED HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!2012-09-06 11:28:04
More evidence uncovered in the ancient port of Muziris . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Pattanam , a small town located 25 km north of Kochi , is the new pilgrimage site in the international archaeological map . This quiet place , archaeologists now confirm , was once the thriving port known to the Romans as Muziris and sung in praise by poets as Sangam Tamil Muciri . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Every year since 2005, the excavations have thrown objects , structures and even a canoe on a sample to confirm this conclusion . This year has also been productive for archaeologists . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus A figure of a leaping lion carved in great detail in a semi precious stone and metal micro bright object with intricate designs are two of the special items found during the ongoing excavations that began in February. Antimony Copper bars , usually associated with cosmetic use , were also found . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The semi precious stone with the lion figure measures about 2 cm and rounded at the edge . It seems to be part of a pendant or ring. MedlinePlus The object is still to date in a scientific way , but going by the depth at which it is, is placed provisionally in the early historic period
Where in IRS publication 550 does it define day trader?1MiKu2012-10-03 03:00:03
I called the IRS about complete Schedule D -1. I asked if I was a day trader. I only know what my agent tells me. A pattern day trader is someone who completes more than 3 transactions per day ( purchase and sale the same day, or a short and a cap on the same day ) over rolling 5. While you sell the next day, you may exceed the standard trade 3. The IRS agent told me to tell you, if I were a day trader. I could not say his government. I drew around 550 published on page 76 and read everything that is a very vague description that has no answer yes or no.
how to define a scam inquiry9infected mushroom 2015-11-30 01:37:14
a fishing link might steal your ali ID and passeword Featuring with I am interested in your products and i will like you to send me the quatation to my email address (,Hope to read from you soon. 1.THE EMAIL OR NAME IS A hyperlink 2. No certain product information mentioned. Probably you are eager to reply and await for the response.While no less than 3 days later will you get a few lines: we like you register on a certainer website with your email. SOB, you get to curse him to waste your time.Then why not delete at the first time of being? The IP varies from US,RUSSIA,UKRAINE at the time being. DELETE WITHOUT ANY HESITATION IF THE QUERY MATCHES ALL THE FEATURES ABOVE.
What do you think define's today's generation?0vectorya2012-09-27 22:39:01
To date , I mean anyone born between 1996 and 1986 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What do you think were historic moments are the generation that has seen more than any other ? Just write 3-5 things please. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Moreover , in another question , what do you think future generations the name of this today? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus For my first question , I would say : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1) The widespread use of the Internet for children MedlinePlus 2) The '' big brother '' effect caused by the scandal of modern technology MedlinePlus 3) The 9/11 MedlinePlus wold trade center terrorist attacks 4) The presidency of Barack Obama MedlinePlus 5) The massive exposure of the human body in a manner suggestive ( low powered models , porn ... ) MedlinePlus As for the second question , I have only two answers : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1) The generation techno ( not the music , technology ) MedlinePlus 2) The generation of fear (you know what I mean )
Define Insider Trading for me please?0lorenzo miguel palacios2012-07-10 08:29:02
Ok, now lets say that I work for a semi-small biotech company who's stock goes for about 2 dollars a share. Now what if I discovered a cure for cancer, working for that company, but before i release it to the company and press, I buy, say 50k worth of stock in said company. And i can only assume the stock will become worth hundreds of dollars after this happens.... so again, would that be considered insider trading?
Please help define the terms in this sentence?0Jay Jay2012-08-25 21:48:18
[ The company] is an independent provider of analytical software for trading in derivatives and structured products that allows structuring , pre-trade prices , valuation and management of complex business . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please give me a translation understandable . I want to know what this company actually does.
Can you define Logistics in your own words?1sharron2012-11-03 08:41:03
I can find this definition in many places I know , but let's say for example that you are in a job interview and were asked to define this ... What would you say to your own words ? MedlinePlus I know it may vary depending on the field , but give it a try ... MedlinePlus The field I need is international trade talk if you want this as an aid

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