U.S. Internet users surfing habits

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U.S. Internet users browsing habits of Internet users used to know ourselves and the United States, began to know himself , to understand the movement of potential customers who inspires you? Forum in a foreign country like China , not hot, so hot is Shane? August 3, Neil Sen ( Nielsen) , online poll shows that Americans spend on social networks like Facebook and Twitter more and more time spent beyond e- mail, read news and traditional portals of time. Nielsen survey conducted in June this year , the current 23% of U.S. Internet users spend time on social networking sites , compared with an increase of 7 percentage points over the same period last year . This is a Nielsen study has been the only element of the fastest growing , that e -mail, browse online video game portal and the growth rate is faster. Users time spent online games accounted for 10 %, ranked second , second place to replace the original email . E -mail users now spend only 8.3 % of the time . Survey says online gambling has grown rapidly , especially through online games like fun , thanks to the farm. View the portal site currently represents only 4.4 % of the time . Watch the video online for only 3.9 % of the time . Although Internet users on data from Google search site , the number of the first yet, but time passed, they still lost to Facebook. More http://gz95epay.blog.ccidnet.com Log
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