About Norton, Kaspersky and Rising

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Little fool 〆
Asked at 2012-05-01 01:53:48
I am using Norton Corporate Edition, but without a firewall , but comes with XP , so it feels very safe to install , then what type of firewall should be installed? I used the Kabbah , was installed on the computer even download a half dozen perfect Trojan horse identified, but no response, even Kabbah. Now I suspect that the end is not the capacity or the perfect Kabbah uninstall problem ? There are up, he did not ask the same as the response will be exactly the opposite , as it is to buy a new laptop , it is more distressed, and hope to have proper guidance in the final computer firewall software is better to type the way , the experience most come to see me in the Trojan
Answer1MonaAnswered at 2012-05-01 01:56:25
The fear of skin virus poisoning ah I'm not ever use , not piracy? They update, but on a regular basis .
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