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Changhong TV how to maintain this bad?1Ingra2012-04-18 15:35:25
I am the 10 December 2005 bought a color TV Changhong CHD32218 fine , then choose Changhong, also based on the National Trust , giant television and support. However, the quality was certainly known this year under the ...... , June 19 re -boot , the sound and not see the images, and June 21 to request service units authorized to retain the master said to open the machine to verify you want to change a component on the motherboard, but the problem is the replacement , the teacher is no way that the board needs to be repaired . But today, June 25 , the maintenance unit do not work. I am also involved in industrial production , the problem of product quality is not terrible , terrible customer is indifference , Changhong is known as "the pride of national industry, " is to treat customers if their destination should be off the market . Customers also can drown the ship of the saliva.
Why Changhong online cheap plasma TV0Rangoon2012-06-20 18:15:03
Market price of about six thousand more than three thousand yuan to buy a TV online
Changhong LCD TV suddenly no picture only sound?0steve I Truly Need Help2012-07-15 04:10:01
Last month he bought a TV at noon , good . Opened the afternoon suddenly the only sound , the display shows only Changhong boot time and then a black screen , and ask you brother and sister taught me how ? How? Jiji Ji ! ! Thanks for the help
Start Computer 3200d Changhong 32 LCD TV can be connected to it?1Eclipse rockfish Ping â„¡ â„¡ 2012-05-01 02:53:56
Proposal prepared me! Thanks to dominate the others !
Changhong TV remote control lost, how equipped?4Darcey2015-11-19 23:59:17
Played 800 telephone, TV Standard : PF29008 , the other can not find this model to match the TV's remote control , remote control number for me , but I lost the remote control , just do not know the model, which , and my TV as a model, can provide your remote control model ? Or is it otherwise? Ah thank you very much ~ ~
Changhong quantum core can put what format video0Chritian2012-07-31 15:43:55
My family just bought a TV with USB interface, the quantum core, but every time I put the video on the Internet actually drive down to the U do not put out there is always some documents have not put out who told me about this is why ah?
Beijing Shijingshan District Changhong wedding dresses 80,996,0790sOoOma2012-07-27 14:23:00
Shijingshan District of Beijing Changhong wedding dresses 80,996,079
Beijing Chongwen District Changhong wedding dresses fluoride repair perforated 80,996,0791Matthe2012-02-25 22:52:34
Beijing Chongwen District wedding dresses Changhong fluoride repair perforated 80,996,079
Can this maintain inductrial injury?1Glint 2012-02-02 00:11:30
The wife must make sales promotion activity in the morning the next day in the Shenzhen branch , for its unity, and the drive to Shenzhen in the conduct at 7 pm, after arriving at the branch in part, 9 o'clock in the evening , dinner with the building below the colleague , the result of running a truck, after sending a patio, try not to die, I can excuse this kind of circumstance that inductrial injury kept ? If you can not , because your unit undertake compensatory pro- family member ?
Changhong C2991 thin top of the screen appears white horizontal stripes, is the problem? How to repair?1turtle dove2012-03-23 00:25:43
Changhong C2991 to my top of the screen appears after starting thin horizontal white stripes , is the problem ? How to fix ?
Beg Nokia 6021 to maintain a code! !1 Ya Love Tang screen name -2012-01-12 01:40:28
One hundred serial number 356233000448628 20 cross to be received First things first!
How to maintain a small business A multiple disabilities?1Clarenc2012-06-18 01:48:29
Many supermarkets opened in our district, you really always have one near my house is a small opened more than selling some foods (ie all) , the pricing cheap enough money to others , the decoration is smaller than the other , how can a contest with others?

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