Changhong TV how to maintain this bad?

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Asked at 2012-04-18 15:23:11
I am the 10 December 2005 bought a color TV Changhong CHD32218 fine , then choose Changhong, also based on the National Trust , giant television and support. However, the quality was certainly known this year under the ...... , June 19 re -boot , the sound and not see the images, and June 21 to request service units authorized to retain the master said to open the machine to verify you want to change a component on the motherboard, but the problem is the replacement , the teacher is no way that the board needs to be repaired . But today, June 25 , the maintenance unit do not work. I am also involved in industrial production , the problem of product quality is not terrible , terrible customer is indifference , Changhong is known as "the pride of national industry, " is to treat customers if their destination should be off the market . Customers also can drown the ship of the saliva.
Answer1LewiAnswered at 2012-04-18 15:35:25
In the defective products have been major , and this is quite normal, but like the kind of quality should not appear in the rainbow, and maintenance of the teacher is not very bad. The key is to ignore the organization of post- sale maintenance , if only to maintain the low quality of teacher can understand people not the same . However, the service units both ...... hey I used to be known, the domestic industry has never been able to rise of foreign brands , in fact , sent this. Even people almost as technology and the quality of their support, but even such basic services are not, do not blame so many " xenophilia " people. I bought a CD of Changhong and creative services are relatively poor.
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