Nobody is in charge of inductrial injury, the boss lets me eat a thick soup that close the door! ! Appeal the lawyer helps related questions

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Nobody is in charge of inductrial injury, the boss lets me eat a thick soup that close the door! ! Appeal the lawyer helps1ミ ミ Weinidanrui 2012-04-13 00:32:45
Is itself disabled skin , banana walks to be slipped in going to work , the company has no insurance , he began to have medical expenses, without thinking later ruled that no money now , the doctor also is forced to let me leave the hospital. The police station , never mind, take a taxi to go home to boss me around outside the door , his wife still uses the language dire threat that the road is old street last night . ( The hospital is in stone lion , where the boss is in Jin Jiang) allows a fellow to help me make identification inductrial injury today. Sorry : one, the factory is in Jin Jiang , being in the hospital is stone lion , which is well that the company is called now 2 stone lion . What kind of compensation I want? 3, the law help? How much of the company to do? thank you very much
Can this maintain inductrial injury?1Glint 2012-02-02 00:11:30
The wife must make sales promotion activity in the morning the next day in the Shenzhen branch , for its unity, and the drive to Shenzhen in the conduct at 7 pm, after arriving at the branch in part, 9 o'clock in the evening , dinner with the building below the colleague , the result of running a truck, after sending a patio, try not to die, I can excuse this kind of circumstance that inductrial injury kept ? If you can not , because your unit undertake compensatory pro- family member ?
Does labor inductrial injury compensate for problem ~ ?1pheasant2012-09-27 03:58:02
Right hand ring finger is caused to be bungled in the job, after the injury heals, ring finger is out of shape (after ring finger paragraph those who change is bulky) and cannot complete unbend and bend, employee of promising of unit of choose and employ persons drops labour insurance. Should the unit of inductrial injury choose and employ persons of such and insurance company do any compensation?
Get smallish finger not carefully in the job, do not calculate inductrial injury! Why1Thera2012-06-27 14:50:03
Get the finger rather small , not care at work, do not calculate inductrial injury ! Why
Web Designers and Small Business Owners, should I charge my boss for making him a website?0caiman, cayman2012-09-12 08:27:04
I am secretary of a home security company (fire / smoke alarms burglar alarms, security systems , etc. . ) Is a small business , operated from the owner's home . They have many clients and are not in danger of closing for lack of funds , but the business has grown purely by word of mouth ( customer testimonials ) and small phone book and / or newspaper ads . I know that a website would be helpful to the business and attract more customers , more accountable , and expand the possibilities for the future . I know my boss would love the idea of ​​a website and am HTML literate and can build websites quite enough in programs like Dreamweaver to be professional and easy to navigate . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My problem is I do not know how much you charge for website maintenance , building, etc. I'm not a web designer by profession , has been purely a hobby of mine to play with HTML . I'm not looking to charge him as if I were a professional web designer , but I do not want to do all this extra work for free - you know that it takes time to design, build and maintain a website . My plan is to stay with this job for a long time and although I left for another job , I'd probably want to keep the website anyway. [ He is a family friend and not particularly computer savvy and do not know where to start looking for other insurance to keep the website] .. Should I charge a flat fee for creating web sites and then a monthly fee ? Or should I get my salary increased a bit and make it a part of my job so it is a normal duty ? Web designers and small business owners , please , your experience here would be greatly appreciated ! I want your opinion, what should I do ? Thank you !
Steamed dumplings made on his own which did not why the soup? The soup dumplings yard how to do?1P.H2022-07-13 18:41:15
Dumplings steamed done on their own did not why the soup? The courtyard of the soup dumplings how?
Guangzhou Chang Feng brand specializing in the production speed doors Industrial doors sliding door remote volume high speed roll door door1pizzadue 2012-01-08 19:06:13
Guangzhou Chang Feng door industry is German technology, the Asian brands, manufacturers of fast automatic shutter doors. Chang Feng brand is the brand most famous Rolling door all products have passed ISO9001 quality certification. Peak industry is often the door of public companies, large key SOEs. Chang Feng door, an attractive and durable. You can also open to get the lighting function and high-speed transparent. The main control system, radar control, call control, control cable, manual push of a button, automatic doors, shutter speed, stacked type rolling doors, heavy apartment door open and transparent, soft, smooth, transparent curtain PVC and so on. Chang Feng-sealed doors, insulation, noise, dust, pest control, safe and convenient. To the gates of the food, pharmaceutical, electronics, printing, packaging, plastics, textiles, automobile factories, shopping centers, both inside and outside the entrance to the site 2004 -3 - 18B copy. Jpg (0 Bytes): 02008 - download 17:19 6-6 Collection - Collection> Valuation of Shares -> _ TOPaimgcount Doherty [331961] = [28947]; attachimgshow (331 961) / / ArrayTmUsr [1] = "tengxincar" / / Array3Days [1] = "2", users [1] = "tengxincar" tengxincartengxincar Send PM Add as Friend tengxincar (tengxincar) Post Digest Posts 0 Credits UID104688 370 123 247 0 Posts Prestige 0 access experience reading copper male 30 0 hours to the time online last login 11.06.2008 05.20.2008 make every effort to post messages experience Digest 0 Credits 123 370 247 0 Prestige exchange access Reading 0 30 2 # posted by 06.11.2008 14:50 | Author Show, a href = proton letter car accident used car accessories trading platform; / a, Welcome to the free distribution of information used car accessories car accident, maintaining integrity, sharing off! Welcome to your car without accessories, car accessories to go!
Boss is very discouraged and you are promoted to the position you, but low salaries, wages and career do not join up, how to put up the boss to do the most reasonable wage!1Charlotte2012-04-04 06:26:52
Boss is very discouraged and promoted to the position , but low wages , salaries and career do not come together , how to put the head to make the most reasonable wage !
The living room door is on the bathroom door, how fitting?1consquela2012-09-28 11:37:02
Just bought second-hand housing, a small three-bedroom, the room door is on the toilet. Looking for some of the more creative decoration. Please prawns lot of help, think of ideas slightly. Thank you
How do I find door to door delivery Thailand from Singapore?0michael gendel2012-10-25 10:42:32
Hello , Is there a transport company specializing in door to door delivery (goods DG ) to Thailand ? I'd like to talk to you . Thank you. regards
Do 7 of 850 milliampere charge how long should batteries charge to just calculate be full of?1Can not help but ╰ つ 2012-03-11 03:11:07
No 7 of 850 milliamps of charge for how long to charge the batteries to calculate just be full of ?
When the electric charge cell phone? Tip the whole battery is low or run out of charge again?8Chritian2016-11-23 17:45:53
When the electric load cell phone ? Tip all the battery is low or runs out of charge again ?

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